Traditional Cookware

Zishta’s range of traditional cookware

  • Reinvent the traditional cooking practices
  • Traditional cookware hand-made by our traditional artisans for generations
  • Relive your memories and taste your grandmother's specialty!
  • Bring back to your homes, Zishta range of authentic traditional cookware

Kitchen Accessories

Zishta's range of Neem wood kitchen accessories

Neem wood kitchen accessories are an essential addition to your kitchen. These anti-bacterial products are heat resistant and perfect to cook and serve. Scratch free in nature to ensure no damage to the vessels, these kitchen accessories are eco-friendly non-toxic, and beautiful.

Furnishing & Decor

  • Madur Mats are a specialty of West Bengal
  • 100% natural and hand-made, these mats provide the most colourful and naturally cooling elements to your home
  • Traditional Brass lamps hand-crafted by traditional artisans of Tamil Nadu
  • "Kuthu Vilakku" as they are called, have immense traditional value and lightens the home with spiritual light