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  • dosa kallu, dosa tawa, iron cookware
  • kalchatti, kal chatti, soapstone cookware
  • Manipur Black Pottery, Zishta, Buy online, Shop now
  • Clay cookware, Zishta, Clay pot, clay chatti
  • eeya chombu, eeyam, sombu, tin vessel, Zishta
  • Bronze Utensils, bronze cookware, uruli, vengala panai
  • Coffee & Tea Sets, Brass coffee filter, Manipur Black Pottery
  • Neem wood ladle, chopping board, knives, belan


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  1. Brass Coffee Filter Medium &  Davara Tumbler Combo
    Set comprises of: One Medium Brass Coffee Filter and set of two Davara Tumbler ...
  2. Neem Wood Ladle-Gravy Neem Wood Ladle-Gravy
    Depth makes it convenient to cook your gravies and serve them too.  Neem w ...
  3. Neem Wood Ladle-Curry Neem Wood Ladle-Curry
    Easy and convenient to cook your curries and use for serving too.  Neem wo ...
  4. Neem Wood Ladle-Fry Neem Wood Ladle-Fry
    Heat ressistant and most useful accessory in the kitchen for your frying needs.& ...
  5. Neem Wood Ladle-Dal Neem Wood Ladle-Dal
    Dal making is now made more natural and exciting in your kitchen with Zishta nee ...
  6. Neem Wood Ladle-Roti Neem Wood Ladle-Roti
    Roti making process is made natural and exciting with Zishta roti ladle.  ...
  7. Neem Wood Ladle-Flour Neem Wood Ladle-Flour
    Easy, natural and convenient: Zishta neem wood flour scoop is a great addition t ...
  8. Uruli (Bronze Cookware)
    A popular cookware in Kerala, these Urulis are used extensively for sweet dish p ...
    ₹2,700.00 - ₹7,500.00
  9. Iron tadka ladle
    Doing tadka for dal, rasam , sambhar or any gravies and curries is a quintessent ...
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Items 1-9 of 64

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