Our never ending journey in the quest of traditional wisdom: Kallidaikuruchi pirandai appalam

One of the most enjoyable part of being in Zishta is that most of our customers become our friends & family of Zishta within a very short time. We spend hours chatting as we share our passion to bring back traditional wisdom. 



One such chat led to a customer-turned-friend asking us for authentic hand-made appalam (papad). Our conversations with earlier generations, our family & travel made us conclude that even today, the authentic handmade traditional appalam is from a place called Kallidaikuruchi in the district of Tirunelveli, Tamilnadu. 


The families here have been making appalams for over 200 years now. It is interesting to note that their traditional appalam is the “Pirandai appalam” which is made from locally grown urad dall and a herb called pirandai. 


Pirandai in Tamil, also known as Asthisamharaka in Sanskrit literally means protects the bones from destruction. It’s a herb rich in vitamins and calcium and is known for numerous benefits including acceleration of healing process of bones, curing of stomach ulcers, indigestion, menstrual issues etc. An age old way of making tasty appalam was to add the juice of this wonderful herb to the appalam in the making process.  Not only do we relish the pirandai appalams but also add goodness into our food.


We truly enjoy the fact that in our journey, we add a bit of wisdom to ourselves.