Traditional Cookware

Black Pottery

These traditional black pottery products are a specialty of Manipur region. Rich in minerals, these cookware are designed to last long adding immense value to the food cooked in them. Explore...
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Made in collaboration with the traditional artisans of Kerala and Tamil Nadu who were known across India for their skills in bronze ware over many generations...
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Eeya Chombu

Remember the days when rasam used to taste out of this world? When you close your eyes can you still feel the wonderful aroma of rasam cooked by your mother? A...
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Cast Iron Cookware

Crispy Dosas to Kadai Chicken, cast iron cookware provides the right iron supplement in your diet. Wonder why our ancestors suffered less from...
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Relive your memories and the taste of your grandmother’s cooking, from Kozhambu to chicken curry, the taste is exceptional and you will know the difference....
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Kal Chatti

Kalchatti (Soap stone vessel)

From curries to gravies, vegetables to meat – this cookware adds to the flavor and retains maximum nutrients. Once treated well, these cookware can last for decades...
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