Eeya Chombu

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Remember the days when rasam used to taste out of this world? When you close your eyes can you still feel the wonderful aroma of rasam cooked by your mother? A secret ingredient is the coockware itself: Eeya Chombu. Eeya Chombu in South Indian household is one of the most sought after family heirlooms from the kitchen. This utensil is made of pure tin and known to add distinct flavour to the rasam. As per Ayurveda texts, tin helps in maintaining the “Kappa”. The word for Tin and Lead being the same in Tamil, there was a huge misinformation that this vessel contains poisonous lead. With only 2 artisans remaining who beat pure tin by hand for 8 hours to make one vessel, this may soon become just a collector’s item. This led us to travel to rural Tamilnadu to save this age old tradition from dying. What are you waiting for? Own your Eeya Chombu & revive the flavour of rasam in your kitchen today.

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