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Relive your memories and the taste of your grandmother’s cooking, from Kozhambu to chicken curry, the taste is exceptional and you will know the difference. With the porous structure, it allows heat circulation and enables locking the nutrition of food stored. Clay being alkaline by nature neutralizes the acidity of food cooked/stored in the earthenware. Good quality earthenware is dependent on the quality of the clay used and skill level of the artisans who make it. We went in search of the best clay and best artisans and that took us to the Cauvery river delta. The artisans of Cuddalore & Villupuram have developed the right technique to make the best and long lasting earthenware. Even the way they kiln these vessels after applying a coating of red sand is traditional – no big furnaces. This process alone takes 3 -4 days to make one vessel but the promise is it will last long! Move ahead to make healthier & tastier food!

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