Madur Mats

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Everyone has loving memories of sitting or sleeping on the floor on mats made by local artisans of their community. Mat weaving is an age-old tradition of India with references dating back to Atharva Veda. India has a rich tradition of hand crafted mats made from grasses and reeds that are abundantly available in our country. The traditional custom of sitting on the floor has several benefits including calming of mind, better digestion of food, improvement in body posture and is also said to make one humbler. In our first introduction of traditional mats, we bring to you Madur mat hand crafted by traditional artisans from Paschim Medinipur of west Bengal. Making of Madur mats is an age-old tradition of Bengal & a traditional item used in every household of Bengal for sitting, sleeping or for performing rituals. It takes an artisan around 2-3 days to make a single mat. Madur Mats are available in 2 sizes: 7 ft x 4.5 ft & 7 ft x 3 ft