A knowledge sharing initiative on traditional wisdom by Zishta

'Bodha' is a repository of traditional knowledge gathered by travelling to nook and corner of India, spending time with artisans and local communities, understanding traditional value & authenticity and documenting to make sure such wealth of knowledge is available for everyone. Through this we aspire to build a family of believers who will be the future "Guardians of Traditional Wisdom".

  • Complete Guide to Kalchatti Cookware

    Soapstone  or Kalchatti is a versatile cookware and has the ability to adapt to different cuisines efficiently. The guide book shares some of the key aspects of the Soapstone Cookware:… Read More

  • How to season and maintain Kalchatti / Soapstone vessel

    Soapstone once mined are chiselled into the desired shape. Unlike clay, they are not heated. Hence the stone is not used to any form of heat. This is the reason… Read More

  • Benefits of cooking in Kalchatti / Soapstone vessel

    Soapstone vessels are extensively used for cooking in regular stoves. In India, soapstone has been in use for thousands of years for carving purposes and making cooking pots. Versatility of… Read More

  • Guide to Clay Cookware

    This is our continued effort to share as much of the traditional knowledge we had garnered over years from different communities and makers. We had done a few Facebook live… Read More

  • Benefits of drinking water stored in copper vessels: Demystifying Copper

    This is a very exciting topic for us. When we started to focus on the “Tambat” Craft of hand-crafting copper products, we were mesmerised by the amazing craft work and… Read More

  • Guide To Cast Iron & Iron Cookware

    A simple, complete guide to buy right iron or cast iron cookware, season & maintain, do’s & don’ts & many more insights in the authentic traditional way. Documented based on… Read More

  • Seasoning & Maintaining of Clayware

    Cooking in clay vessels has been a part of Indian tradition since ancient times and is a preferred utensil for nutritious, even cooking process. An authentic clayware is unglazed and… Read More

  • Utility and Life of Clay Cookware

    Clay cook ware is versatile and any type of food can be cooked in it ranging from a wide variety of north, south, east or west or be in vegetarian… Read More

  • Considerations while buying clayware

    We take maximum care in deciding what to cook for our family, and therefore, the utensil we’re cooking in also plays a great role in ensuring the nutrients are intact.… Read More