A knowledge sharing initiative on traditional wisdom by Zishta

'Bodha' is a repository of traditional knowledge gathered by travelling to nook and corner of India, spending time with artisans and local communities, understanding traditional value & authenticity and documenting to make sure such wealth of knowledge is available for everyone. Through this we aspire to build a family of believers who will be the future "Guardians of Traditional Wisdom".

  • Dum Aloo – Ancestral style cooking – By Hemangi Patankar

    My Mom (‘Aai’ as we call her in marathi) has always been interested in making a variety of dishes. I never remember a single day when we went out to… Read More

  • Akki Rotti/Ubbu Rotti – a traditional recip of Karavali Havyaka, By Sushma Shankari

    My native is Mangalore but I was brought up in Hyderabad. As a child I used to eagerly wait for the summer vacations, as I used to visit my grandparents’… Read More

  • Lemon Sevai / Ottu Shavige – By Nisha

    I made “lemon sevai” or “ottu shavige” using a beautiful brass tripod machine, 2 cast iron kadais , both kadais are more than 50 years old.        … Read More

  • Sukho Sargavo / Moringa leaves stir fry – By Reema Patel

    In Gujarati we call this recipe ” Sargavo na paan ni bhaji” or “sukho sargavo” We belong to a quaint Parsi town called Udwada, near Daman. Though work keeps us… Read More

  • Sandige Hulli – A recipe from my Grand father – By Preethi

    I learnt this recipe from my mother who had lost her mother at the age of 4. We all know it is quite common to learn dishes from granny. But… Read More

  • Paruppu Urundai Kuzhambu – Protein Rich Dish

    Paruppu Urundai Kuzhambu – A south India variety of Sambhar made Using dal – By Archana Rajagopalan Here is my traditional recipe paruppu urundai kuzambu. It is protein rich, no onion… Read More

  • Rasam

    Noori Charu – A unique heirloom rasam recipe from Sriprasanna Madan. On a journey through my memory lane. Reminiscing Subbu avva and her indelible memory of noori charu (Rasam) Subbulakshmi… Read More

  • Surviving Lockdown: Wisdom of the Day

    Yesterday our Prime minister came on National TV and announced that entire nation would go on lockdown for next 21 days. Though in my opinion, this announcement could have been… Read More

  • Media Coverage on Zishta

    Wish you all a very happy and prosperous New Year 2020! The last few months of 2019 had been extremely exciting for us at Zishta. Thanks to the sustained effort… Read More

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