A knowledge sharing initiative on traditional wisdom by Zishta

'Bodha' is a repository of traditional knowledge gathered by travelling to nook and corner of India, spending time with artisans and local communities, understanding traditional value & authenticity and documenting to make sure such wealth of knowledge is available for everyone. Through this we aspire to build a family of believers who will be the future "Guardians of Traditional Wisdom".


  • Guide to Clay Cookware

    This is our continued effort to share as much of the traditional knowledge we had garnered over years from different communities and makers. We had done a few Facebook live… Read More

  • Seasoning & Maintaining of Clayware

    Cooking in clay vessels has been a part of Indian tradition since ancient times and is a preferred utensil for nutritious, even cooking process. An authentic clayware is unglazed and… Read More

  • Utility and Life of Clay Cookware

    Clay cook ware is versatile and any type of food can be cooked in it ranging from a wide variety of north, south, east or west or be in vegetarian… Read More

  • Considerations while buying clayware

    We take maximum care in deciding what to cook for our family, and therefore, the utensil we’re cooking in also plays a great role in ensuring the nutrients are intact.… Read More

  • Makers of Clay cookware

    These artisans follow the traditional technique honed over ten generations working on clay from the Cauvery river delta. These last generation artisans live as a community and work together to… Read More