Pitcher, Cups & Glass

Step into a world of artisanal brilliance with our captivating "Pitcher, Cups & Glass" collection. Embrace the allure of diverse craftsmanship with a symphony of copper, longpi black pottery, brass, and kansa pieces. Each item in this collection tells a unique story of cultural heritage and timeless elegance. 


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Copper Water Pot With Cup (Sombu - Lota) Copper Water Pot With Cup (Sombu - Lota)
Offer PriceRs. 2,050 INR MRPRs. 2,750 INR
Save 16%
Handcrafted Copper Water Jug Handcrafted Copper Water Jug
Offer PriceRs. 2,800 INR MRPRs. 3,350 INR
Save 9%
Copper Water Carafe Copper Water Carafe
Offer PriceRs. 2,600 INR MRPRs. 2,860 INR
Save 42%
Handcrafted Kansa Bronze Baby Glass Handcrafted Kansa Bronze Baby Glass
Offer PriceRs. 950 INR MRPRs. 1,650 INR
Save 25%
Copper Water Curved Jug: Traditional Design Copper Water Curved Jug: Traditional Design
Offer PriceRs. 2,500 INR MRPRs. 3,350 INR
Save 38%
Manipur Black Pottery Water Mug Manipur Black Pottery Water Mug
Offer PriceRs. 825 INR MRPRs. 1,325 INR

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