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Traditional Idli Pathram (Idli Cooker-Idli Maker-Steamer) - Polished

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Current price Rs. 6,500
Original price MRP.Rs. 7,150
Original price MRP. Rs. 7,150 - Original price Onwards
Original price MRP. Rs. 7,150
Rs. 6,500 Onwards
Current price Rs. 6,500
Idli pits: 7 Idli Pits
VariationWeight (Kg)Idli Pit Size In CMDiameter In CMPits Per Plate Height In CM
7 Idli Pits
2.8-3.1 8.9 25.4  4+3 26.7 (with Lid)
9 Idli Pits
3.5-3.8 8.9 27.9 5+4 31.8 (With Lid)
12 Idli Pits
4.2-4.6 8.9 33 7+5 36.8 (With Lid)


All our products are handcrafted and this results in each product being unique and slightly different from each other and therefore will have minor variations on dimensions & weight.

  • Our Idli Pathram embodies the rich culinary heritage of Tamil Nadu, where idlis are not just a dish but a cultural symbol. Imagine waking up to soft, fluffy idlis that melt in your mouth, reminiscent of the delicate petals of Jasmine flowers.
  • In the rustic corners of rural Tamil Nadu, we discovered a hidden treasure-a traditional brass Idli vessel that had been lost to time. It took us three years to unearth this remarkable find, but the effort was well worth it. This incredible cluster of artisans breathed new life into these ancient brass Idli makers, restoring their exquisite charm and unmatched utility.
  • Crafted from brass, a metal known for its perfect balance of weight and size, our Idli cooker creates the ideal steam pressure, resulting in mouthwatering, tender idlis in just 10 minutes.
  • The intelligently designed idli plates, featuring strategically placed holes, allow steam to permeate the batter, ensuring thorough and speedy cooking.
  • For added convenience, the idli plates and the interior of the vessel are tin-coated, offering durability and ease of maintenance.
  • Choose from three sizes: 7 Idli Pits, 9 Idli Pits, or 12 Idli Pits (details in the specifications table above).
  • These are made to order products and would take 15-20 days to make and ship. 
  • Post Tin lining, the brass Idli steamer is re-polished to get back the shine. This Process could involve some chemical treatment as well. 
  • Note: The traditional work involves only hammering of the outer vessels and the edges might be sharp along the edges. This is minimally worked to smoothen as it could impact the lid closure. This is a natural imperfection which may be present in the idli vessel. 

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