Zishta Beginners Clay & Soapstone Combo: Clay, Kalchatti, Iron, Cast Iron & Neem Accessories

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About Zishta Beginners Clay & Soapstone Combo: Clay, Kalchatti, Iron, Cast Iron & Neem Accessories

  • An Earthy Combo infusing the greatness of clay as well as soapstone, this combo is for those beginners who want to infuse more earthy elements in their traditional kitchen. 
  • This curated combo has a mix of different shaped cookware that will suffice your daily needs and enable you to seamlessly transition your kitchen to a traditional one.
  • The Combo has Clay kadai for your curries, a treated Kalchatti (Soapstone) for your gravies, Roti and dosa tawa as well as neem wood accessories to complete your daily utility. 
  • The Cast Iron Kadai is included to make sure you do not miss the once in a while deep frying of Potatoes or Paapad etc. 
  • This combo can be a great start for users who have dabbeld a few times and are comfortable with using clay in their kitchen. 
  • Traditional knowledge gathered by us at Zishta shows that a good mix of different cookware enables addition of unique elements in the cooking process. Alkalinity, Calcium etc. 
  • Note:  Please read individual product maintenance /usage under usage instructions category in this page. 

Product Specifications


in Combo

Weight (Kg)Capacity (Litres)Diameter in CM Length x Width in CM Height in CM Thickness (MM)
Pure Iron Roti Tawa 1.2 NA 23 NA NA 3
Pure Iron Dosa Tawa Medium 2 NA 25.4 NA NA 4
Neem Wood Chopping Board  0.9 NA NA

33 X 21.6

NA 18
Dal Neem Ladle NA NA NA

26.7 X 5

Dosa Ladle Neem NA NA NA

29 X 6.4

Cast Iron Kadai Medium 1.7 1 21.6 - 22.9 NA 6.4 -7.6 15
Kalchatti Medium Treated  2 1.3-1.6 15 - 18 NA 8.5 - 10 NA
Clay Kadai 1.4 1.7 24.5 - 25.4 NA 6.3 - 10.5 NA
Traditional Value Score !  98%


All our products are handcrafted and this results in each product being unique and slightly different from each other and therefore will have minor variations on dimensions & weight.

  • Traditional Knowledge gathered from different grand mothers as well as from artisan communities is the wide spread practice of using different kinds of traditional cookware to provide different benefits. 
  • Using the concept this combo was created to have a diverse and useful impact in the cooking process. 
  • Iron, Cast Iron and Clay and Soapstone have shared the traditional space since time immemorial. 
  • The great aspect of this combo is that its a synthesis of crafts by different communities which has been explained in detail in each of the respective product pages. 
  • Iron and Cast Iron come from the traditional makers of Tamil Nadu who have mastered the art of using railway grade iron in cookware
  • Clay comes from the Cauvery delta region and free wheel made by the clusters located in that region. 
  • Soapstone is made by this one cluster based in Tamil Nadu and they are completely chiseled out of a block of soapstone. 
  • Neem wood comes from this traditional cluster in West Bengal who follow a complete hand finish process that is unique to that region. 
  • Traditional cookware provide a variety of benefits in your day to day cooking. 
  • All of them have high heat carrying capacity and thereby cooks food without burning
  • The nutrition protection is over 92% in all these traditional cookware
  • Alkaline property of these cookware enables neutralising the acidity of food cooked in them thereby protecting us from acid reflux, acidity etc. 
  • Micro-nutrient addition is a hallmark of these cookware like Calcium, Magnesium, Increase haemoglobin count etc.  
  • We have a range of products made of different material in this combo from Iron , Cast Iron , Clay , Soapstone and neem Wood
  • Please read detailed product document for all our products by clicking here
  • Use gentle soap for cleaning. Also do not use wire scrubs. 
  • Please maintain the seasoning for Cast Iron and Iron cookware - above document has all the details. 
  • Clay cookware has a life between 7-15 months depending on use. Please replace the same after that period. 
  • Soapstone is treated and there are specific instructions how to start using them. Please read the details carefully (from the link shared above) before starting to use them in your kitchen. 
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