Zishta Beginners Manipur Black Pottery Combo: Manipur Black Pottery, Iron, Cast Iron & Neem Accessories

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About Zishta Beginners Manipur Black Pottery Combo: Manipur Black Pottery, Iron, Cast Iron & Neem Accessories

  • The Manipur Pottery beginners combo is designed keeping in mind beginners looking for lasting variations and aesthetics in their kitchen.
  • Manipur Stone pots have longer life and provide a great versatility to your traditional cookware range.
  • This curated combo has a mix of different shaped cookware that will suffice your daily needs and enable you to seamlessly transition your kitchen to a traditional one.
  • The Combo has Manipur Wok for your curries, Mesthin for your gravies, Roti and dosa tawa as well as neem wood accessories to complete your daily utility. 
  • The addition of Cast Iron Kadai is to cover your requirement for a cookware ideal for deep frying or making potatoes at home which is a staple in many households in India. 
  • The combo is designed to help you transition smoothly with a mix of different shaped cookware. 
  • Traditional knowledge gathered by us at Zishta shows that a good mix of different cookware enables addition of unique elements in the cooking process. Alkalinity, Calcium etc. 
  • Note:  Please read individual product maintenance /usage under usage instructions category in this page. 

Product Specifications


in Combo

Weight (Kg)Capacity (Litres)Diameter in CM Length x Width in CM Height in CM Thickness (MM)
Pure Iron Roti Tawa - 1.2 NA 23 NA NA 3
Pure Iron Dosa Tawa Medium  2 NA 25.4 NA NA 4
Neem Wood Chopping Board  0.9 NA NA

33 X 21.6

NA 18
Dal Neem Ladle NA NA NA

26.7 X 5

Dosa Ladle Neem NA NA NA

29 X 6.4

Cast Iron Kadai Medium  1.7 1 21.6 - 22.9 NA 6.4 -7.6 15
Manipur Open Kadai/Wok Large 1.4 2.0-2.5 24.5 - 25.4 NA 10.2 NA
Mesthin Manipur Cookware Medium 1.1 1.0 12.5 NA 7.0 - 8.5 NA
Traditional Value Score !  98%


All our products are handcrafted and this results in each product being unique and slightly different from each other and therefore will have minor variations on dimensions & weight.

  • Traditional Knowledge gathered from different grand mothers as well as from artisan communities is the wide spread practice of using different kinds of traditional cookware to provide different benefits. 
  • Using the concept this combo was created to have a diverse and useful impact in the cooking process. 
  • Iron, Cast Iron and Manipur Black Stone Pottery have traditional space since time immemorial. 
  • The great aspect of this combo is that its a synthesis of crafts by different communities which has been explained in detail in each of the respective product pages. 
  • Iron and Cast Iron come from the traditional makers of Tamil Nadu who have mastered the art of using railway grade iron in cookware
  • Manipur Black Pottery is the most authentic cookware crafted by the artisans of Manipur. The process by itself is mesmerising and exciting. 
  • Neem wood comes from this traditional cluster in West Bengal who follow a complete hand finish process that is unique to that region. 
  • Traditional cookware provide a variety of benefits in your day to day cooking. 
  • All of them have high heat carrying capacity and thereby cooks food without burning
  • The nutrition protection is over 92% in all these traditional cookware
  • Alkaline property of these cookware enables neutralising the acidity of food cooked in them thereby protecting us from acid reflux, acidity etc. 
  • Micro-nutrient addition is a hallmark of these cookware like Calcium, Increase haemoglobin count etc.  
  • We have a range of products made of different material in this combo from Iron , Cast Iron , Manipur Black Pottery and neem Wood
  • Please read detailed product document for all our products by clicking here
  • Use gentle soap for cleaning. Also do not use wire scrubs. 
  • Please maintain the seasoning for Cast Iron and Iron cookware - above document has all the details. 
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