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A knowledge sharing initiative on traditional wisdom by Zishta

'Bodha' is a repository of traditional knowledge gathered by travelling to nook and corner of India, spending time with artisans and local communities, understanding traditional value & authenticity and documenting to make sure such wealth of knowledge is available for everyone. Through this we aspire to build a family of believers who will be the future "Guardians of Traditional Wisdom".

Brass and its benefits | Zishta


Key benefits of brass

Key benefits of brass248 Views

  • This natural un-polished antique version is completely natural with no polish. Generally post the tin lining process, the copper metal shines out and its re-polished to get the brass shine. 
  • This natural variation is for those who believe in looking for an antique finish to this traditional idli cooker!
  • Soft, fluffy, light Idlis is a dream breakfast for many South Indan homes where generally the softness is compared to the Jasmine flowers. 
  • Following the history of making the best and fluffy Idlis, we travelled to the interiors of Tamil Nadu in search of the most appropriate cookware for the same. 

  • Our research took us to the traditional brass Idli makers of rural Tamil Nadu, a hidden gem which took us three long years to find. 
  • This amazing cluster recrafts and infuses new lease of life into these old Idli Pathrams made using the best quality brass. 
  • Brass is the metal with critical weight to size ratio that builds the right amount of steam pressure to make mouth water idlis in exactly 10 minutes. 
  • The holes in the idli plates also enable steam to pass through the batter effectively thereby cooking it all the way through at shortest possible time. 
  • Idli plates and inside of the vessel is tin coated which would need refurbishing every couple of years depending on usage. 


Published at: 07-12-2020
Tags: brass

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