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Brass Cooking Pot: Vaana

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About Zishta Brass Cooking Pot: Vaana

  • Brass Vaana Pot shaped cooking pot is a great alternative light weight traditional cookware for your daily rice varieties, biriyani etc. 
  • Vaana shaped brass cookware is typically wide mouth with a narrow rim to cook extensively meat gravy/dry style or make biriyani etc. 
  • Traditional knowledge dictates that brass (Alloy of Copper and Zinc) has to be used only with a tin coating for our acidic form of cooking. 
  • The benefits of brass is to preserve the anti-oxidants of the food cooked in them. 
  • Brass although light -weight also helps in preserving more than 90% of nutrition of food cooked in them.
  • The coating (Kalai) is done using pure tin by the traditional clusters of Tamil Nadu
  • Our Journey took us to the traditional clusters of Tamil Nadu who have been making these exquisite brass cookware for over last 8-10 generations. 

Product Specifications

Vaana SizeWeight (Kg)Capacity (Litres)Diameter In CMHeight In CM
Small 0.7 2.25-2.5 19.7 7.6 - 8.9
Medium 0.8 3.0-3.5 21.5 9.2
Large 1.0 4-4.25 23.1 10.4
Xtra Large 1.2 5.5-6 25.4 11.4
Traditional Value Score !  92%


All our products are handcrafted and this results in each product being unique and slightly different from each other and therefore will have minor variations on dimensions & weight.

  • After Iron, Cast Iron and Bronze; Brass was the most widely used cookware across the country.
  • Across India, many clusters cropped up over centuries who developed unique craft work focusing on brass cookware and developed few quintessential designs that would work for all forms of India cooking. 
  • Even 20 years back, an artisan would travel to different parts of town/village, and collect all brass vessels and do the tin coating every year. This age old practice has almost gone extinct except in few pockets of the country. 
  • Brass is a great traditional cookware that is versatile and light weight and improves ease of handling. 
  • The traditional artisans of Tamil Nadu had been making these brass cookware range for more than 8 generations. (what we could document) 
  • Crafted by hand, eacg of these cookware has to be made by hand with beating brass sheets to the shape and size.
  • Post making the cookware, the artisans then heat the vessels in very high temperature and apply the tin coating which is important for all brass cookware. 
  • The entire process of making one cookware takes 2-3 days. 
  • Brass is a light weight age old alternative to the other traditional cookware. 
  • Brass with Zinc in the alloy, has the ability to retain and preserve anti-oxidants. 
  • Anti-oxidants help in fighting free radicals in our body and prevent growth on cancerous cells. 
  • With Tin coating, Brass is a versatile cookware that can be used to cook all forms of food even with acidic food items. 
  • Wash gently with soap before first use
  • Do not use steel - wire scrubs for cleaning as it could erode the tin coating faster
  • Use of mild soap and sponge for regular cleaning is advisable
  • Tin coating will erode with usage and its life depends on frequency of usage, cleaning agents used. 
  • Once a significant portion of the tin coating wears off and you see the brass metal finish, you have to do the re-tining before you start cooking in them. 
  • Use lime, tamarind with salt mixture to clean the outer surface to get the shine. 
  • Always post wash, wipe the surface of water to prevent oxidisation of surface due to presence of water particles.
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