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Brass Storage Thooku (With Tin Coating)

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About Zishta Brass Storage Thooku (With Tin Coating)

  • A quintessential design, have been part of our grand parents homes when Deepavali sweets are made at an industrial pace and stored in these Thooku. 
  • The Brass thooku are handcrafted by 4th generation artisans from Tirunelveli. It is made using traditional brass sheets and finely crafted and created by hand. 
    This design of the brass storage container has been in use for 100s of years for multiple purposes.
  • Brass with Zinc in the alloy, has high anti-oxidant properties and help in preserving the produce stored in these containers. 
  • Brass could react with acidic material stored, so we provide these containers with tin coating to provided added level of safety.

Product Specifications

SizeStorage Capacity (Kg)Diameter In CMHeight In CMProduct Weight (Kg)
           2-2.5              16.5 14.9 (With Lid)           1.5-1.7
Traditional Value Score !  90%


All our products are handcrafted and this results in each product being unique and slightly different from each other and therefore will have minor variations on dimensions & weight.

  • Brass has a strong traditional value across India in terms of usage for cooking and storing purpose. 
  • This Thooku design is a unique age old designs with a nice long handle to carry them along while traveling or for storing cooked sweets/savories especially during Deepavali. 
  • The tin lining process is done by heating the brass metal in a furnace and liquid tin applied and allowed to cool down. 
  • Old Storage containers were also made of very large sizes for large families. 
  • The artisan cluster based in rural Tamil Nadu has a history of working on old traditional brass cookware , recrafting it for new users for the last 7-8 generations
  • Their history dates back a few generations where they mastered the art of working with brass and have made traditionally designed products for ages
  • Brass being an alloy of Copper and Zinc have strong anti-oxidant properties and prevents growth of bacteria/virus.
  • Tin coating process is age old as use of brass in kitchen. This process is critical to protect any acidic items reaction with brass metal. 
  • Wash well before use.
  • Brass has tendency to oxidise. Scrub outer surface with lime or tamarind to get back shine.  
  • The containers have tin coating as brass is not ideal for coming in contact with acidic items. The tin coating wares off with usage and needs refurbishing. 
  • Use mild detergents for cleaning and do not use wire scrubs.
  • Use tamarind, lime or vinegar for cleaning the brass vessel once in a while to get back shine. 
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