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Brass Pot Shaped Storage Ghee Thooku

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About Zishta Brass Pot Shaped Storage Ghee Thooku

  • Zishta is proud to launch a traditional brass storage containers that is considered as one of the most authentic designs traditionally used.
  • Traditionally used to store ghee and oils. They are convenient and aestheic in our modern homes
  • Brass is known to retain ant-oxidant properties due to the presence of Zinc.
  • The ancient brass thooku container is a revival of an age-old design using a model of a 100 year old vessel along with the artisans in Andhra Pradesh. 
  • The unique aspects of this craft is that the top and bottom segments are attached though coupling and beating which is a very traditional way of joining instead of welding.
  • The community is known for their exceptional skills in making brass masterpieces for over 1000 years.
  • We collaborated with this community for the revival of both their livelihood and our ancient design.
  • It has a traditional shape and resembles the pot over pot design, where in olden days the pots containing ghee and curds are hung one over the other in a rope saddle.

Product Specifications

Size Weight (Kg)Capacity (ML)Diameter In CMHeight In CM
0.35-0.40 450-500 8.9 12.7
0.45-0.50 950-1000 10.2 14.2
Traditional Value Score !  98%


All our products are handcrafted and this results in each product being unique and slightly different from each other and therefore will have minor variations on dimensions & weight.

  • Brass has a strong traditional value across India in terms of usage for cooking and storing purpose. 
  • This Thooku design is a unique age old designs with a nice long handle to carry them along while traveling or for storing cooked sweets/savories especially during Deepavali. 
  • The tin lining process is done by heating the brass metal in a furnace and liquid tin applied and allowed to cool down. 
  • Old Storage containers were also made of very large sizes for large families. 
  • A 1000 year old brass craft from a rural community in Rayalseema region of Andhra Pradesh known for creating masterpieces with brass with high durability and creativity.
  • Their ancestors created the most amazing brass sculptures in temples carving beautiful images of Garuda, Nandi and many more Gods and Goddesses. 
  • The artisans follow the learning transferred verbally over generations and create brass through a unique process of heating and molding that helps them to replicate attractive designs and shapes.
  • The unique aspects of this craft is that the top and bottom segments are attached though coupling and beating which is a very traditional way of joining instead of welding.
  • Brass being an alloy of Copper and Zinc have strong anti-oxidant properties and prevents growth of bacteria/virus.
  • Tin coating process is age old as use of brass in kitchen. This process is critical to protect any acidic items reaction with brass metal. 
  • Brass will oxidise over long duration exposure. This is relatively slower than copper. 
  • Use tamarind or lemon while washing to get back the shine. 
  • The inner surface is given a tin coating for protection and re-tinning has to be done once the metal shine is visible through the coating. 
  • This could last anywhere between 1-3 years depending on frequency of cleaning and type of ingredients stored. 
  • Refrain from using steel wired scrubs as it can errode the tin lining faster. 
  • When the inner brass metal is visible, please remember to give it for re-tinning process. 
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