Zishta Bronze Unniyappam Pan

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About Zishta Bronze Unniyappam Pan

  • Traditionally Kerala Unniappam is always made in a bronze Unniappam plate
  • We at Zishta are proud to bring back the original traditional unniappam plate from the authentic craftsmen of Kerala
  • These hand-crafted plates are made of pure bronze following the traditional technique established by these artisan clusters over hundreds of years. 
  • The Unniappam works equally well for both savoury as well as sweet preparations. 
  • Crafted by hand, these traditional cookware have higher density of metal enabling high heat carrying capacity, slow cooking and keeps the dish warm for hours after cooking.
  • The food cooked in them retain over 98% of the nutrition as well as the flavour, making the food tasty as well as healthy!

Product Specifications

CavitiesWeight (Kg)Dia of Cavity In CMDiameter In CM Height In CM
   9 Cavities    
              22.9           5.1
Traditional Value Score !  89%


All our products are handcrafted and this results in each product being unique and slightly different from each other and therefore will have minor variations on dimensions & weight.

  • Bronze as an alloy has been used for making cookware for many centuries. 
  • A significant traditional use of bronze in Kerala is during the celebration of Vishu and Onam for making sweet dishes like unniappam. 
  • Over the years, our ancestors had developed techniques to make cooking vessels using five metals which were supposed to provide immense health benefits. Makers of such cookware no longer exist and we have lost a significant part of our traditions to histroy. 
  • The artisans of Kerala are known for their craftsmanship using pure bronze in varying sizes and shapes. 
  • The artistic process starts with sand cast and moulding of the bronze cookware in specific shapes. The volumetric capacity of the vessel determines the thickness and thereby the weight of bronze in the vessel too. 
  • The rough mould is later hand worked to give shine and smooth cooking surface. 
It takes 8-9 days to make one utensil. 
  • Bronze is a durable metal and can be used for a very long period of time or even passed on from one generation to another. 

  • Unniappam Pan with its high heat carrying capacity helps in uniform cooking, prevents nutrition loss and keeps food warm for hours after cooking in them. 

  • Traditional bronze cookware is made of 80% Copper and 15-18% Tin (with 2-5% Zinc added to help the casting process) and can be used for all types of non-acidic based cooking (without tamarind and lime).
  • Zishta Bronze Unniappam pan is made of pure bronze and mild oxidisation will lead to dullness of colouring over period of time
  • Scrub the utensil with tamarind or ash or combination of both to revive shine
  • Unniappam pan is made heavy and needs to be handled with care
  • Retains heat for long, use cloth or mittens to handle the same after cooking.
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