Zishta Copper Coated Iron Chimes-Bell with Leather (Pink)

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About Zishta Copper Coated Iron Chimes-Bell with Leather (Pink)

  • Copper coated Iron bell craft, originally part of Sindh region, migrated to Kutch several centuries ago. The bells signify the seven musical notes to give a pleasant sound.
  • The sound gives a feel of being in vastness and calms the mind
  • A craft where no welding is used on the bell, it takes around 4 hours to make the perfect bell
  • The bells were originally made for cattle while grazing. The size of bell defines the hierarchy of the cattle in the herd. 

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Bell with Leather (Pink)


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  • The unique melodic tone from the copper coated iron bells of Kutch, Gujarat, is a craft which is 1000 years old.
  • These metal bells from centuries back had adorned the necks of cattle and signified each animal’s status and position in the herd.
  • Today the copper coated iron bells have been adapted as chimes for our homes and their sound has a special calming effect
  • It is interesting to note that though the bells have 4 parts, welding is not used. It takes a lot of skill to artfully put the parts together as a single unit.
  • The bell is rolled and dipped in clay and in a mixture of brass and copper powder. It is then baked.
  • The tongue of the bell is from Babul tree. Each bell has a different sound and no bell is the same.  The craftsmen tactfully continue to beat it till they get the appropriate sound.
  • It takes around 4 hours to make a single bell. Other than smaller tools, no other machinery is used in making these bells.
  • The bells have a unique sound which gives a feel of being in vastness and is soothing to the mind.
  • The idea is to provide a sense of calmness with the subtle sound playing in the back ground.
  • Hang them in a breezy place or inside your home as a traditional décor to the interiors of your house.
  • Use dry cloth to dust them. Do not leave them in water.
  • Oxidisation of the copper coating is natural, If you are cleaning with tamarind/lime- please wipe all the water off the surface and keep it dry. 
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