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Hand-crafted Wooden Morter & Pestle

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About Zishta Hand-crafted Wooden Morter & Pestle

  • Freshly ground spices fill our dishes with aroma and great flavour. For ages our ancestors have been using different versions of the all purpose morter & pestles for daily kitchen use. 
  • Zishta in collaboration with artisans of West Bengal, bring to you handcrafted table top moter & pestle made of acacia wood and palm wood. 
  • These wooden morter & pestle are light weight alternative to heavy stone based ones with equally long life and durability. 
  • Acacia wood is known to resist water and scrathes and have been used for ages to make furniture and other house hold items. 
  • Palm wood is also known for its water resistance and denser wood making it useful for harder crushing needs of your kitchen. 
  • Very handy in households where there is a lot of wet spices like ginger, garlic being pestled to add flavour to their cooking. 
  • Bring home a part of our past with these special morter & pestle hand crafted by artisans from the East!

Product Specifications

VarietyWeight (Kg)Diameter In CMHeight In CM
Acacia Wood


              7.6           7.6 
  Palm Wood 


             10.2          7.6


All our products are handcrafted and this results in each product being unique and slightly different from each other and therefore will have minor variations on dimensions & weight.

  • Indian cuisine has long use of these morter & pestles to enhance the taste of our food cooked. 
  • Every household used to have a plethora of grining equipments: heavy machineries that help in making the batter for Idli and Dosa (Aatukal) or for crushing grains (Idikal) or to make paste and chutneys (Ammikal), 
  • The region is famous because of the quality of wood products that were extracted many centuries for  household use.  
  • The acacia wood and palm wood products are made by the same cluster of artisans who make the amazing neem wood products. 
  • These products are made with same level of artistry and craftmanship as their neem wood cousins. 
  • Handcrafted with fine chisel and hammer, the Morter & Pestles are meticulously carved out of a single piece of wood. 
  • They are naturally treated for durable usage. 
  • Indian cuisine is known for a plethora of spices being used and morter & pestle plays a significant role in bringing out the aroma and taste to our unique yet varied cuisine. 
  • Morter & Pestle is an all purpose accessory which is a must in every function kitchen and with passage of time different materials are being used to make the morter & Pestle. 
  • Wooden ones are best used for wet spices especially garlic, ginger to prevent stone particles from mixing along with the spices. 
    • Wash well before use. 
    • Do not soak in water for long durations
    • These are small sized morter & pestle and are useful for coarse grinding masals, masalas for chai. For major spice grinding we would recommend either the soapstone ones or Granite ones.
    • You can use regular cleaning agents to scrub the surface. Minimise use of wire scrubs to clean. 
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