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Buttermilk Churner: Lac-Turned Wood

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About Zishta Buttermilk Churner: Lac-Turned Wood

  • Buttermilk or chaas is a popular drink across India. Zishta butter milk churner made of wood and decorated using natural colours is a craft from Kutch and is a colourful addition to your kitchen.
  • A small community called Wadha make colourful Lac-turned-wood craft who have now settled in villages of Kutch
  • Zishta buttermilk wooden churners are made using simple lathe and wood from babul or neem.
  • Colours used are natural from materials which are available locally & in nearby forests and are chemical free. Colours are made using turmeric, tamarind seed, jaggery, limestone, neem leaf etc.
  • Zishta lac-turned-wood rolling pins & buttermilk churners adds vibrancy to your kitchen.

Product Specifications

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All our products are handcrafted and this results in each product being unique and slightly different from each other and therefore will have minor variations on dimensions & weight.

  • The name Wadha means “one who works with wood”. Traditionally a nomadic community, they are now settled in villages of Kutch for the last few generations.
  • The community is socio-economically poor and NGOs around the area have been helping them for the last few years.
  • The community is known for making kitchen accessories made of locally available wood.
  • The wood used in making the kitchen accessory is from local babul or neem tree which is chiselled in their simple self-made lathe made of wood and a string operated by hand, to get the desired shape.
  • The lathe is turned with lac to get the desired base colour.
  • On top of this the artisan adds layers of colours to get various designs.
  • Lac is obtained from sap of Rhus tree, heated and mixed with groundnut oil and colour to form a thick, opaque paste.
  • Colours are obtained through natural ways. Some examples are: brown is from the natural lac colour, black by burning thor-ka-ped, lemon yellow from haldi, blue from neem leaf & castor oil, maroon from natural stone found in the forest etc. 
  • Use them for churning your favourite buttermilk or chaas.
  • Natural colours used in the kitchen accessories, no chemicals added, safe and simple solution to a sustainable household.
  • Gently wash with mild detergents and keep it dry
  • Avoid soaking in water for long duration
  • Do not use steel scrubber
  • If the shine of the colours dim over a period of time, apply castor oil and polish with a cotton cloth.
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