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Open Kadai: Manipur Black Pottery

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Open Kadai
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About Zishta Open Kadai: Manipur Black Pottery

  • Open Kadai for daily cooking of curries - A perfect iron rich, light weight kadai for your curries
  • "Loree Hamlei", the local name for stone pottery of Manipur is a traditional cookware which is used by the local community even today. The clay used is obtained by crushing and mixing of two types of rocks that are locally found in the region.
  • Zishta Manipur black pottery kadai is aesthetically appealing, gives a unique flavour and aroma to the food cooked, retains heat for longer, cooks without burning food and kills harmful germs. 
  • A traditional cookware that fits perfectly in modern kitchen and works efficiently in gas burners & microwave ovens.
  • These are products that are available in limited quanitities. 
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Product Specifications

Size Weight (Kg)Diameter In CMCapacity (Litre)Depth In CM
Medium 1.0-1.1

19.1 - 20.3

24.5 - 25.4 with handles

0.75-0.8 5.1 - 6.3
Large 1.3-1.4

26.7 - 27.9

33 with handles

1.5 7.6 - 8


All our products are handcrafted and this results in each product being unique and slightly different from each other and therefore will have minor variations on dimensions & weight.

  • North East Region has always been a very difficult region to access and the unique traditions of the region has not reached other parts of the country for a very long time.
  • Due to the terrain and immense forest cover, the communities were extremely adaptable and use available material which has become an integral part of their traditions.
  • The black pottery is a traditional cookware of the NE region and have been part of many traditional homes for generations. 
  • The technique of this art is said to be handed down from the Neolithic period. A unique feature of this craft is that it is crafted without a potter’s wheel.
  • It is made out of crushed Serpentinite and Weathered rocks (from the Longpi region) which are powdered in a wooden and bamboo vessel & mixed with water to make clay. 
  • The clay is moulded to pots and pan shape and then put to the kiln at 900 degrees celsius.
  • When the pots and pans are ready, they are rubbed with the Machee leaf which renders the cookware black.
  • The stone pottery of Manipur is not only aesthetically appealing but also boasts of several interesting benefits:
  • Weathered rock contains naturally occurring Iron which in turn provides iron supplements to the food cooked in it. 
  • Cooking in this prevents morning sickness for pregnant women.
  • Food cooked in it sizzles for a long time after it is taken off the stove and the cookware ensures that the food remains warm for long, this results in lesser nutrition loss while reheating food. 
  • They can be used directly for cooking on gas and microwave.
  • While the pots are excellent for high and low flame cooking, they are particularly known for their property for cooking food for hours without burning it.
  • They are breakable products: Please handle with care!
  • They are pre-treated and can be used directly on gas stove or microwave oven
  • The pots without the canes can be used in oven. Do not use pots with canes in the oven.
  • Wash them normally with regular dish washing liquid. Avoid steel scrubber.
  • The black colour is derived from the treatment given to the baked cookware using Chirona/ Machee Leaves. The base stone colour is reddish black and with usage, spotting of red colour of base rock happens. 
Customer Reviews
  1. Reshmi

    Unique one of a kind with beautiful finish

    Have been a regular customer of Zishta. Gifted this kadai to my mom. She just loved it. Really impressed by it's unique colour & beautiful finish. It's light weight and very user friendly. My mom prefers to use this kadai for making appams. Thank you Zishta.
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