Nakashi painting : Wall Mask Green(Mask Work)

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About Zishta Nakashi painting : Wall Mask Green(Mask Work)

  • A beautiful set of masks painted in the Nakashi style. With most famously used hues in this style, the red and yellow colours contrast beautifully. These coupled masks with the illustrated traditional jewellery portray royalty. 

  • Adorn your walls with these mythological hangings for an added decor in your homes.

  • Nakashi paintings on scrolls are in the form of storytelling & carries rich cultural history & heritage.  The art form is believed to have come down from Vishwakarma. 

  • The process has no usage of chemicals.The  paintings on masks are done using coconut shell and Khadhi Cloth. The colours are prepared from rice starch, tamarind seeds, turmeric, natural stones, oil, seashells, tree gum etc.

    These are made to order paintings and will take 15-20 days from date of order to ship and deliver.  We do not accept returns or exchange of the products listed in this category.

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All our products are handcrafted and this results in each product being unique and slightly different from each other and therefore will have minor variations on dimensions & weight.

  • Cheriyal is a small village in Warangal district of Telangana state. Cheriyal painting has been classified as a form of painting for storytelling and to entertain the audience.

  • These paintings generally depict the scenes from Indian Itihasas and puranas such as Ramayana, Mahabharata, Garuda purana, Krishna leela, Markandeya purana etc.

  • A paste of tamarind seed and saw dust is applied to the scraped coconut shell. Then it is covered with Khadhi cloth which forms the base of the canvas.

  • Canvas cloth is prepared using mixture of suddha mitti, rice starch, tamarind seeds paste & tree gum. The mixture of these is applied in layers and acts as a thick canvas to paint upon. This process preserves the painting done on it and lasts for hundreds of years.

  • Colours are obtained from stones and ash of oil lamp and seashells: black from ash of kerosene lamp mixed with tree gum, yellow turmeric, blue green & red from natural stones and so on. 

  • Most often, background is painted with bright red colour so that it highlights everything that is painted on it. The figures coloured with goat-hair brush.

  • A scroll can be generally preserved upto hundred to hundred and twenty years in good condition

  • These beautiful traditional paintings enhance the aesthetics of a home. 
  • They are to be used as wall hangings. 
  • Do not wipe with wet cloth. 

  • Do not wash the painting.  

  • Do not use high temperature. 

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