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Hand-made river grass Madur Mats - Small (4 Fold)

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Hand-made river grass Madur Mats - Small (4 Fold)
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About Zishta Hand-made river grass Madur Mats - Small (4 Fold)

  • Mat weaving is an age-old tradition of India with references dating back to Atharva Veda. Madur mats are hand crafted by traditional artisans from rural West Bengal. 
  • Zishta Madur mats are 100% organic and made from natural fibres with no added chemicals. The mats are soft and smooth on the skin. The mat remains naturally cool and is very relevant for a country like ours which has predominantly tropical climate. 
  • The traditional custom of sitting on the floor has several benefits including calming of mind, better digestion of food, improvement in body posture and is also said to make one humbler.

Product Specifications

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All our products are handcrafted and this results in each product being unique and slightly different from each other and therefore will have minor variations on dimensions & weight.

  • The history of these mats goes back to the Indus Valley civilization. 
  • The locals proudly pointed out that the Madur mat is actually mentioned in the records of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu who lived here in the 15th century. The traditional custom of sitting on the floor has several benefits including calming of mind and better digestion of food.
  • Sleeping on the floor improves the strength of the spine and thereby improving body posture.
  • Madur Mats have a long history and the artisan cluster known for their skills is equally illustrious. The process of making the mats starts with months of preparation and planning. 
  • The riverside 5-foot tall madur kathi grass is cut, in July and in November. They dry the cut grass, then further cut it to multiple thin stripes and use hand process to weave the mats. 
  • The Mats are made in various stripe thickness. The finest of the fibre takes immense skill and hand work to strip fine elements of the fibre for weaving.
  • It takes 2 to 3 days to create a single mat.
  • The traditional mats are used for sitting on the floor.
  • They can be used as decorative floor mats. 
  • Madur mat can also be used to prepare a comfortable bed for the night. After getting up from the bed in the morning, Madur mat can be laid on the bed to keep the bed pleasant.
  • To clean it, dip the mat in soap water and then wash with plain water. Sun dry them for 30 minutes. 
  • Do not wash them in washing machine. 
  • Do not dry them for too long in the sun.
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