Brass Ware

In the good old days Brass ware were extensively used because of its light weight and amazing benefits to lead a healthy life. Zinc presence in alloy helps in preserving the anti-oxidant properties of the ingredients used in our cooking process. Authentic brass is important as we have to make sure the Tin coating is made of pure Tin without any lead contamination. Based on traditional knowledge gathered, we identified artisan clusters in Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh who have been making some of the best brass ware for 8-10 generations. 

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  1. Traditional Brass Spice Box (Masala Dabba/ Anjaraipetti)
    India is known across the world as the land of spices and they play a significan ...
  2. Zishta | Masala Dabba | Brass Masala Spice Box
    Traditionally in Maharashtra and most central India, Brass is the only metal use ...
  3. Brass Storage Containers (With Tin Coating)
    Storing pulses, coffee powder to grains - these traditionally made brass storage ...
    ₹1,250.00 - ₹1,850.00
  4. Combo Set: Brass Storage Containers (Set of 3 - All Sizes)
    The Combo set has 3 storage container: Small, Medium and Large Storing pulses, ...
    Special Price ₹3,850.00 Regular Price ₹4,650.00
  5. Brass Idli Pathram (Natural , Antique Finish)
    This natural un-polished antique version is completely natural with no polish. G ...
    ₹4,950.00 - ₹6,950.00
  6. Zishta Idli Pathram (Polished)
    Soft, fluffy, light Idlis is a dream breakfast for many South Indan homes where ...
    ₹4,550.00 - ₹6,550.00
  7. Zishta Hand-Crafted Rail Adukku Set
    A quintessential travel accompaniment for families in the olden days, Rail Adukk ...
  8. Brass Storage Drums (With Tin Coating)
    Storing large quantities of Rice, Grains, Flour, Snacks etc. - these traditional ...
    ₹3,000.00 - ₹6,800.00
  9. Brass Storage Thooku (With Tin Coating) Brass Storage Thooku (With Tin Coating)
    A quintessential design, have been part of our grand parents homes when Deepaval ...
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