Traditional knowledge gathered in collaboration with many communities in South India emphasised the usage of bronze for special cooking during festivals. We identified certain authentic traditional products used by these communities and went in search of the most authentic artisans who still make it. Our journey took us to Kerala and border Villages of Kerala and Tamil Nadu where we identified the last remaining traditional artisans who follow the age old technique of making the same. We are excited to bring this range of authentic bronze cookware that will enrich your festival and celebrations!

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  1. Zishta Bronze Ladle
    Ladles to help you with cooking Sambar, Dal to a variety of dishes at your home. ...
    ₹750.00 - ₹950.00
  2. Vengala Paruppu Uruli - Bronze Pot
    Paruppu Uruli is a unique design from Tamil Nadu which is made versatile by the ...
    ₹2,900.00 - ₹4,875.00
  3. Uruli (Bronze Cookware)
    A popular cookware in Kerala, these Urulis are used extensively for sweet dish p ...
    ₹2,700.00 - ₹7,200.00
  4. Vengala Panai (Bronze cookware)
    Payasam, Kheer, Pongal, Upma, cooking rice or boiling milk: tastes divine in our ...
    ₹3,900.00 - ₹5,075.00
  5. Vengala Bronze Ladle
    Bronze Ladles are a great cooking accessory in a traditional home.  Zishta ...
    ₹590.00 - ₹690.00
  6. Vengala Paruppu Uruli - Bronze Pot (With Tin Coating)
    A variation with tin coating is to make it a versatile cookware. The tin coatin ...
    ₹4,500.00 - ₹6,100.00
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