Zishta Bronze Mortar & Pestle

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About Zishta Bronze Mortar & Pestle

  • A traditional bronze mortar & pestle have been part of many traditional rural households especially used for hard beetle nut grinding. 
  • An Imagery that has captured many peoples imagination through use of the same in many movies in Tamil. 
  • These traditional solid bronze Mortar & Pestles are hand-crafted by the traditional artisans of Tamil Nadu.
  • The traditional use of bronze is mainly for very hard spices, soap nuts, beetle nuts etc where the metal helps in better coarse grinding. 
  • These bronze mortar & pestles are created using the traditional sand casting technique honed by this cluster over 8-10 generations. 
  • Aberrations/ imperfections like fissures, lines, depressions are natural in the making process and are not defects. 
  • Zishta cookware are tested in NABL accredited laboratory and comply with EU standards for Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS).

Product Specifications

    Size    Weight (Kg)Diameter In CMHeight In CMPestle Length In CM
Large 1.2
Medium 0.8
Small 0.7
Traditional Value Score !  85%


All our products are handcrafted and this results in each product being unique and slightly different from each other and therefore will have minor variations on dimensions & weight.

  • Traditionally bronze mortar & pestle have been an quintessential accessory in every village household. 
  • Beetle nut consumption is ubiquitous in many traditional homes and is offered part of every family celebrations and auspicious occasions. These bronze mortar & pestles used to play a significant role in crushing these nuts for larger serving. 
  • The single piece heavy units though traditionally have always been made to the sizes which can be conveniently used by old people for their beetle nut consumption!
  • The artisans of Kerala and Tamil Nadu are known for their craftsmanship in making intricate brass and bronze work for temples. 
  • The same artisans extended their expertise in making these traditional cookware. 

The artistic process starts with sand cast and moulding of the bronze cookware in specific shapes. 
  • The volumetric capacity of the vessel determines the thickness and thereby the weight of bronze in the  mortar & pestle too. 
  • The rough mould is later hand worked to give shine. 

It takes 2-3 days to completely make one mortar & pestle. 
  • Bronze Mortar & Pestle is a sold single piece unit that has a very long life. 
  • The pestle is narrow and heavy, its designed to pulverise hard nuts like beetle nut, walnut and the weight helps crush these hard nuts with minimal effort. 
  • As its a sold metal, unlike granite or soapstone, possibility of powder stone does not happen in them. 
  • Traditional bronze cookware from south India is made of 80% Copper and 15-18% Tin (with 2-5% Zinc added to help the casting process) . The variation of tin in the alloy varies from one cluster to an other maker from kerala to Tamil Nadu 
  • Mild Oxidisation of Bronze is natural and washing them with tamarind or lime will help in bringing back the shine. 
  • The bronze mortar & pestle are made heavy and can crack if dropped from considerable height. 
  • Handle them carefully and place them away from children
  • Do not store spices, mashed ingredients in bronze for too long in the mortar. 
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