Kitchen Accessories

Zishta range of kitchen accessories was curated keeping in mind high utility value, aesthetics and traditional value. Our range incorporates finely hand crafted Brass Masala Dabba from Maharashtra, Reha Kinves  & Lac-turned-wood belans and churners from the artisans of Gujarat, hand towels from the GI tagged Solapur region. All these products are an integral part of our varied culture and each of the makers have great oral traditions to share too. 

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  1. Reha handcrafted utility knives
    Set of three knives catering to all your chopping, cutting, slicing requirements ...
  2. Brass Pot Shaped Storage Thooku
    Zishta is proud to launch a traditional brass storage containers that is conside ...
  3. Bronze Mortar & Pestle
    A traditional bronze mortar & pestle have been part of many traditional rura ...
    ₹1,450.00 - ₹2,250.00
  4. Brass Storage Thooku (With Tin Coating) Brass Storage Thooku (With Tin Coating)
    A quintessential design, have been part of our grand parents homes when Deepaval ...
  5. Brass Storage Drums (With Tin Coating)
    Storing large quantities of Rice, Grains, Flour, Snacks etc. - these traditional ...
    ₹3,000.00 - ₹6,800.00
  6. Combo Set: Brass Storage Containers (Set of 3 - All Sizes)
    The Combo set has 3 storage container: Small, Medium and Large Storing pulses, ...
    Special Price ₹3,850.00 Regular Price ₹4,650.00
  7. Brass Storage Containers (With Tin Coating)
    Storing pulses, coffee powder to grains - these traditionally made brass storage ...
    ₹1,250.00 - ₹1,850.00
  8. Iron Tadka Ladle
    This short handle is a variation of the traditional design with heat resistant w ...
  9. Zishta | Masala Dabba | Brass Masala Spice Box
    Traditionally in Maharashtra and most central India, Brass is the only metal use ...
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