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Soapstone (Maakal) Morter & Pestle

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About Zishta Soapstone (Maakal) Morter & Pestle

  • Coarse grinding ingredients to add to your food richly enhances the taste and at the same time retain the immense health benefits of the spices.
  • Soapstone mortar & pestles is not for tough grinding, the soapstone wears off with usage. Traditionally this mortar & pestle is recommended at homes where there are very young children as the soapstone powder is rich in calcium and magnesium. 
  • They are not to be used like hard granite or metal Mortar & Pestles. Use them for gentle grinding
  • Zishta soapstone vessels are made of the highest quality stone, has the right density and structure, higher content of calcium, hard and no artificial colours used. 
  • Zishta Soapstone cookware are brought to you from the authentic traditional artisans of Tamil Nadu and are tested in NABL accredited labs. 
  • A traditional cookware that fits perfectly in modern kitchen.
  • Recommended for soft pounding (Due to wear & tear of the product). Do not use it to pound very hard food items.
  • We do not accept returns or exchange of the products listed in this category.

Product Specifications

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All our products are handcrafted and this results in each product being unique and slightly different from each other and therefore will have minor variations on dimensions & weight.

  • The natural minerals are imparted and thereby providing the right supplements and nutrition. 
  • We bring this back from last generation of artisans toiling 16 hours a day to make the best Kal chattis.
  • These Soapstone Maakal Grinding stones were traditionally used where ever grounded ingredients were given to children so as not to impact their digestive system.
  • Making of Maakal Morter & Pestle starts with cutting a rough block of soapstone and finely chiseled and worked on manual lathe to carve out the morter. 
  • Similar approach is taken to carve out the pestle
  • It take hours for an artisan to make one unit. It has to be done slowly and carefully to protect the structural integrity and strength of the stone
  • No harmful chemicals. Tested for quality.
  • Rich in calcium and adds micro nutrients to the ingredients grounded in them
  • Soft and does not impact digestion especially for children (pieces of hard granitic stone if used as pounding pestle can add hard stone particles which can impact food taste as well as cause digestive issues especially if you have toddlers at home.)
  • This cannot be used on the gas stove and can be used only for the purposes mentioned.
  • Use regular cleaning products. Refrain using steel wired scrubs
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  1. Anupama


    Does the job well.. but there were a few places where the stone was chipped when delivered itself.
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