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Traditional Copper Modak Patra / Steamer Vessel

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About Zishta Traditional Copper Modak Patra / Steamer Vessel

  • Modak Patra or steamer vessel is a traditional cooking vessel, made in earlier days to make modak, aluwadi, patode etc. 
  • It is a versatile multipurpose steamer made of Copper and tinned (kalai) on the inside. 
  • The steamer vessel can be used for making various dishes like modak / kozhukattai, momos, ela ada, patra / patrode, steaming vegetables, corn, ammini kozhukattai, upma kozhukattai and many many other dishes. 
  • Modak patra or the steamer vessel consists of three parts: the base vessel for boiling water, a steaming plate for placing the cuisines that needs to be steamed / cooked and a dome shaped lid to make circular motion to steam. 
  • The modak patra is made predominantly by Coppersmiths of Maharashtra.

Product Specifications

Weight (Kg)Height in CMDiameter in CM
24.3 (Incliding lid)
12.7 (Without Lid)
2.5 (Plate Height)
Traditional Value Score !  99%


All our products are handcrafted and this results in each product being unique and slightly different from each other and therefore will have minor variations on dimensions & weight.

  • Copper mining has been a critical part of India. Archaeological evidences depicts use of copper in India since Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa civilization and Indians were masters in metallurgy. 
  • Ayurvedic manuscripts explain the medicinal value of Copper and importance of using copper utensils in our daily lifestyle. 
  • Cultural heritage of coppersmiths in Maharashtra is as old as its tradition and culture. The period of Peshwas in 1730 AD was the golden era of Coppersmiths in Maharashtra.
  • Making process starts with softening the copper in fire for making base, lid and plate. 
  • They are hammered and heated alternatively which is repeated three or four times, till it is beaten into a desired shape. 
  • They are fired and hammered to make the surface even and smooth. 
  • Finished product is dipped in tamarind water and then buffing is done. 
  • Later they are left under sunlight for a few hours. 
  • Finally, a piece of virgin high grade tin is touched to the blasting hot interior of the utensil to do kalai.
  • The Copper Modak Patra can be used to steam Modak, kozhukattai, Ela ada, aluwadi, idiyappam, ammini kozhukattai, Patra / patrode, upma kozhukattai, steam vegetables, corn, chicken and many more.
  • Traditionally in Maharashtra - the Modak parta are made of Copper only.
  • Wash gently with soap before first use. 
  • Do not use steel - wire scrubs for cleaning as it could erode the tin coating faster. Use of mild soap and sponge for regular cleaning is advisable. 
  • Tin coating will erode with usage and its life depends on frequency of usage, cleaning agents used. 
  • Once a significant portion of the tin coating wears off and you see the Copper metal finish, you have to do the re-tinning before you start cooking in them. 
  • Use lime, tamarind with salt mixture to clean the outer surface to get the shine. 
  • Always post wash, wipe the surface dry immediately to prevent oxidisation of surface due to presence of water particles.
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