Zishta Traditional Sengottai Iron Dosa Kallu (Pure Iron Tawa)

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Traditional Sengottai Tawa
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About Zishta Traditional Sengottai Iron Dosa Kallu (Pure Iron Tawa)

  • This is the original dosa kallu made using the authentic traditional way. 
  • Zishta traditional seasoned sengottai iron tawa is centuries old and the artisans continue to make it in smaller quantities, but in the same traditional way. It is made of first grade iron, also known as railway grade iron, hand-made and known for centuries for it's unbeatable quality of iron tawas. 
  • The heated iron is beaten for hours to remove impurities. It is then traditionally treated for hours using husk and gingely oil to bring the one and only true to it's word: hand-made railway grade iron tawa.
  • Zishta Sengottai dosa kallu is strong and thick, retains heat longer and transports you back to your grandmother's natural kitchen.
  • No more harmful chemicals in your kitchen.
  • Zishta pure iron utensils are tested in NABL accredited laboratory and comply with EU standards for Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS).
  • These are hand beaten tawas and the surface will not be uniform (beat marks will be visible) including some fissures and imperfections. This however does not impact the functionality. 

Product Specifications

SizeWeight (Kg)Diameter In CM
25.5 CM-30 CM 
22.5 CM -24.5 CM 


All our products are handcrafted and this results in each product being unique and slightly different from each other and therefore will have minor variations on dimensions & weight.

  • Traditional use of Iron and cast iron dates back many centuries

  • Age old cooking used cow dung or wood fire as fuel for cooking and cast Iron provided the most effective medium to retain heat and cook food evenly.
  • Authentic hand made pure iron products are made heavy and thick to help in better cooking process as Indian cuisine involves steady and long duration slow cooking. 
  • Sheer muscle power, effective coordination and precise movements are key ingredients in making a perfect cookware. 

  • The team starts work early in the morning at sunrise and continue to toil till noon. 

A thick circular sheet of iron is first heated in the charcoal furnace made in the ground and then a group of artisans beat the sheet to remove all impurities 

  • The end result is a hand beaten iron surface that lasts generations!
  • Help to increase haemoglobin count and thereby reduces incidence of anaemia
  • Iron metals last for several generations
  • Food cooks evenly due to high heat emissivity
  • No harmful metals or chemicals. Tested for quality.
  • Wash well before first use
  • This pure iron tawa is pre-seasoned with husk and gingely oil. Even then, it is worthwhile to heat the tawa till it is hot, apply oil on the surface, rub a piece of onion all over and then allow it to cool.
  • Wash it and it is ready to use
  • Do not soak in water for long before wash
  • If the cookware is not used for long, we recommend that you apply a coating of cooking oil and store it to prevent surface rusting.
Customer Reviews
  1. Abhishek


    Suitable for making paper roast dosa's. I season after every use by frying onion in oil, dosas can be removed just by using your fingers.
  2. Dhanashri

    Fantastic dosa kallu.

    This dosa kallu is the best that I have ever used. The dosas come out crispier and do not stick after proper seasoning. Can be used to make dosa, adai, pesarattu, tomato omlette and anything that requires a tawa. My go to tawa for ll items. Zishta products are surely of superior quality. Kudos to the artisans who keep this tradition alive and thanks to zishta for bring this item to us.
  3. Maniba Joe

    Perfect Dosa Kallu

    Perfect dosa kallu I have ever used so far.Thank you Zishta for unveiling the rural Artisans to the world.Cheers ..
  4. Latha

    Best dosa kallu

    This is the best dosa tawa I have ever used so far.
  5. Nisha

    Sengottai Dosa Tava

    This dosa tawa is really the best I have seen. Dosas come out very crispy because of the thickness of the tava and uniform heat distribution.It has got a nice rustic look too.
  6. Rashmi

    The besestest dosa tawa

    I have been using dosa tawa and its awesome the dosas come out so perfect .. it supports in wat ever way u want either crispy,soft n spongy... its so good its worth the money. If u r searching for perfect dosa kallu here it is pls do not think twice...
  7. Sirisha Nagarjuns

    The best Tawa I have ever seen...

    From so many days I want to buy best iron Tawa.I buy from outside a normal Tawa,but I am not satisfied.when I bought sengottai iron dosa kallu...without oil also..the dosa will comes very quickly and it is very tasty..My husband and my children enjoying very very well...Thank you so much zishta....
  8. Tejaswi

    The best dosa tawa

    This Dosa Tawa lives up to the description mentioned against it. My dosa test was to make pesarattu from fermented green gram lentils, with 1 Tbsp of rice floor and just use a half a tea spoon of coconut oil while making dosa. Dosas were crisp,easy to flip and were not burnt at the centre. The above recipe really pushes the tawa to extremity and having had tried many iron tawas I can say that my search for ultimate dosa tawa has finally ended with sengottai tawa. Thanks much zishta and the artisan(s) behind this treasure.!
  9. Pradeep

    Sengottai dosai tawa

    Excellent product my family loves it
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