Zishta – Targeting the Kitchen

Zishta – Targeting the Kitchen
Last few months have been exciting for team Zishta. We got to travel to different parts of Tamil Nadu, meet interesting artisans and people passionate about sustainability. These journeys and interactions have helped us to streamline our efforts around three key pillars:
  • Sustainability of Traditional Knowledge
  • Sustainable livelihood for rural artisans and their traditional space
  • Sustainable Solutions for an Urban Household
These guiding pillars have helped us narrow our focus on kitchen cookware & storage as first category of entry for Zishta. A pilot proof of concept at the Organic Exhibition helped us to have conversations with many customers and got encouraging response. Most of the urban kitchens are becoming monolithic with Plastic, Stainless steel or Non-stick cookware. There is space for reviving traditional knowledge to make an urban kitchen holistic. Food preparation equally adds to the well-being of a family and traditional knowledge dictates that use of different metal based cookware provide immense health benefits. Zishta has started operations with some of the cookware products traditionally used in South India. This portfolio will continue to expand as we travel and explore different parts of the country. Also we will explore available traditional knowledge, revisit from a design perspective and look at alternate solutions for dry and wet storage devices: where there is maximum penetration of plastic-ware currently. Follow Zishta on Facebook and share your personal experiences, journeys which can help us expand our artisan connect further. You can also message the Zishta team on Facebook page to place orders. Website work is underway and should be available soon! We have kick-started our journey towards sustainability and we hope many join us and make this journey memorable.

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