Zishta Traditional Brass Kuthu Vilakku: Hanging Parrot Lamp (Kili Vilakku)

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About Zishta Traditional Brass Kuthu Vilakku: Hanging Parrot Lamp (Kili Vilakku)

  • Brass parrot lamps or kili vilakku is a special design of hanging lamps is used to improve the aesthetic value of the pooja room.
  • The beautiful and intricately designed parrot lamp / kili vilakku from Zishta will accent your home in traditional style.
  • The purpose is also to use the shadow effects of lamps as positive impact on the mind while praying.
  • The intricate nagasu design in Zishta brass lamp is a fine detailing done over the lamp and is completely made by hand.
  • Zishta works with the traditional artisans of rural Tamil Nadu who hand craft the design following the age old agama scriptures as mentioned in the vedas for design and sizes.

  • The traditional artisans are known for their artistic and aesthetic work in brass lamp work for more than 10 generations. 
  • These are made to order Products. Our artisans will handcraft them within 10-15 days of order placement and ship the same. 

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All our products are handcrafted and this results in each product being unique and slightly different from each other and therefore will have minor variations on dimensions & weight.

  • Brass usage dates back to thousands of years and have been an integral part of many households till recent years. 
  • Brass is made in different forms from storage to making lamps. Brass is still considered most ideal metal for making traditional lamps across the country. 

  • Agama shastra scriptures have documented the usage of brass for making brass lamps and specific size, shape, proportions, discipline while making the lamps etc are established for artisans to follow.
  • The artisans of rural Tamil Nadu have a long history dating back hundreds of years. Their craftsmanship is well known that patrons from across India come here to purchase the lamps

  • The artisans strictly follow the agama shastra, principles laid out with design, methods and shapes for different occasions. 
  • The size and weight proportions are done to exact measure to provide the right benefit to the house.
The traditional brass lamps consists of the base, stem and the top structure and each part is casted and crafted separately and then screwed together. 
  • The process starts with sand cast moulding and then working on each part by the artisan to create the final shape.

  • The artistic & intricate nagas design on the lamp is done at the end by a single artisan keeping a design in mind and using a very fine chisel. The entire nagas art is made by hand. Only a very few artisans have the knowledge to make the nagas work.
  • Brass is a durable metal and can be used for a very long period of time and gets passed on from one generation to another.
  • Lighting lamps has significance in improving the quality of life in our homes. 

  • Oil lamps provide the right kelvin of light temperature that is soothing to eyes and makes your mind calmer.
  • Zishta range of traditional lamps is made of pure brass and oxidisation will lead to dullness of colouring over a period of time
  • Do scrub surface with tamarind or lemon or ash or a combination to bring back shine. Traditional lamps are heavy and have to be handled carefully
  • Place them on solid flat surface to prevent them from toppling
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