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Zishta Hand-Crafted Rail Adukku Set

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About Zishta Zishta Hand-Crafted Rail Adukku Set

  • A quintessential travel accompaniment for families in the olden days, Rail Adukku as its called is a set of 14 brass utensils with varied functionality to support your cooking during very long rail journeys. 
  • Re-created this lost treasure by the traditional artisans of Tamil Nadu, the size and individual components are all re-constructed for modern day use at our homes. 
  • The Rail Adukku has the following 14 components as part of the set:
    • Outer Vessel with Lid which can also be used as a kadai for cooking 
    • 3 sets of Wide Pot : for cooking vegetables, meat or biriyani 
    • 4 Set of Tall Pot : for cooking rice and gravy dishes
    • 2 Small Cups: can be used for measuring purposes or to cook Dal etc in small quantities. 
    • 1 Strainer lid that fits the tall pot for strainer water
    • 2 Brass tumbler 
    • 1 Large water pot
  • All components of the Rail Adukku are coated with tin for protection and making it ideal for all forms of cooking.
  • This is a unique limited edition products and are made to order. Only Pre-paid order is available for the same. It will take 10-15 days upon placement of order for the package to be made and shipped. 

Product Specifications

Rail Adukku Weight (Kg)Capacity (Litres)Diameter In CMHeight In CM
Total Set 10 7 25.4 30.5
Traditional Value Score !  95%


All our products are handcrafted and this results in each product being unique and slightly different from each other and therefore will have minor variations on dimensions & weight.

  • Rail Adukku was a unique innovation by the traditional clusters of Tamil Nadu for large families who travelled for months together on pilgrimage to different parts of the country. 
  • Before hotels and dining places came into existence, people while travelling would take this Rail Adukku - a Compact set which can support the cooking and serving needs of the travelling group. 
  • The same is made in different sizes depending on the number of people travelling. The largest of these traditional rail adukku were designed to support a group of 10-15 members. 
  • The artisans of Tamil Nadu have re-created this lost art and have made it in compact sizes which would be of utility value in our homes. 
  • The traditional artisans of Tamil Nadu had been making these rail adukku for more than 100 years (what we could document) since the advent of rail journey in India. 
  • The artisans innovated on this set which could be made compact while travelling but has enough components that could support a large group while travelling for days or even months
  • The craft was lost over the last 20-25 years with availability of food at restaurants and even at your doorstep. 
  • With a resurgence of importance to traditional way of life, these clusters have re-created the magic for modern households to experience this innovation. 
  • Crafted by hand, the whole set has to be made by hand with beating brass sheets to the shape and size.
  • Each internal component has to be made to precise dimensions so that all of them fit inside the outer shell perfectly. 
  • Post making the outer shell, the artisans then heat the vessels in very high temperature and apply the tin coating which is important for all brass cookware. 
  • The rail adukku set has many components that can be individually used in our homes in the cooking process. 
  • The Wide mouth handi called "Vatta Adukku" is ideal for making all forms of vegetables, meat, etc 
  • The Narrower tall pots called "Uyara Adukku" is great for cooking rice, gravy dishes like sambhar, rasam etc. 
  • There are two smaller adukkus which provide support in serving purposes for storing ghee or dal or pickles or just to serve water. 
  • Brass glasses are part of the set which could be used for serving beverages like tea /coffee
  • Strainer plate is critical to drain excess starch water from the rice cooked in them
  • A large water container is also provided as part of this set which is equally critical while traveling for days!
  • The Rail Adukku has 14 components with each of them can be used in the kitchen.
  • Please wash them gently with liquid soap and water (mild detergents) and do not use steel wire scrubs which could impact the tin coating done on the inside. 
  • Use lime, tamarind with salt mixture to clean the outer surface to get the shine. 
  • Always post wash, wipe the surface of water to prevent oxidisation of surface due to presence of water particles.
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