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Drum Shape- Assam Cane Furniture - Seating Stool (Mudda/Morah)

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Assam Cane Furniture - Seating Stool (Mudda/Morah - Drum Shape)
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About Zishta Drum Shape- Assam Cane Furniture - Seating Stool (Mudda/Morah)

  • Sustainable, strong and highly durable cane crafts from Assam are becoming and integral part of our household. 
  • Cane and bamboo have remained inseparable parts of life in Assam. It is practiced at several households and by various communities. 
  • History of cane in India is traced back to 2nd Century AD
  • Making furniture & products of artistic value using cane in Assam calls for a high degree of skill
  • The cane from Assam are characterized with features like comfort, beauty and aesthetic appeal. The canes are thicker, stronger and durable. 
  • Sit on them, use them in your living, kitchen,balcony or garden for sitting or to simply  stretch your legs while you relax. 
  • Individual Pieces - Please select the colour you wish to purchase. 

Product Specifications

Size Weight (Kg)Diameter In CMHeight In CM
Standard  2 35.6 30.5
Traditional Value Score !  100%


All our products are handcrafted and this results in each product being unique and slightly different from each other and therefore will have minor variations on dimensions & weight.

  • Cane and bamboo have remained inseparable parts of life in Assam. 
  • Grown in abundance here and hence most of the household articles in the homes of Assamese are made of cane and bamboo. 
  • History of cane in India is traced back to 2nd Century AD. 
  • In Assam, cane is associated with a lot of religious significance. 
  • Mentions about flourishing cane craft of Assam have been obtained from as early as 7th Century AD. "Harshacharitra" has evidences of production and use of cane articles.  
  • It is practiced even today by a wide range of community.
  • Production of the furniture and other products using cane in Assam of artistic value calls for a high degree of skill.
  • The cut bamboo strips are boiled for almost a day. It is then dried, stripped smooth, smoothened and laminated. 
  • Once panels are ready, they are assembled to make several products. 
  • The cane from Assam is thicker, stronger and durable. 
  • They are best for Seating, Foot stool for home, indoor, outdoor, picnic, garden, kitchen, worship place etc. 
  • They can be used for regular sitting purposes.
  • Do not overload the sitting stools. They can seat people upto 100 Kgs. 
  • Keep away from Fire
  • DO not stand on it.
  • Keep it away from prolonged exposure to direct sunlight
  • Do not let it soak in water.
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