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Kuthu Vilakku (Brass Lamps)

Traditions have a strong connect with the community and provides a strong cultural significance. Lighting an oil lamp in the house is an integral part of our rich traditions across the country. Traditional Kuthu vilakku made of pure brass has been used in South India for thousands of years. The soothing light from these lamps provide a peaceful ambiance that cannot be achieved by any other means. This tradition has taken over our religious rituals too. Agama Shashtra has defined the ways to design these brass lamps and our traditional artisans of Nachiar Kovil have stuck to these traditional values for generation. Bring back the magic of these authentic brass Kuthuvilakku (Brass Diyas) to your home.

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  1. Traditional Brass Kuthu Vilakku (lamp): Ega Vilakku
    Ega vilakku from Zishta is a unique design brass lamp with space for a single wi ...
  2. Sangu Chakram - Traditional Brass Kattai Vilakku
    Sangu and Chakram designs make the two sides of the top part of the lamp. & ...
  3. Traditional Brass Annam Kattai Vilakku
    Kattai vilakku (Short lamp) is a traditional and old design which was lost for m ...
  4. Traditional Brass Kuthu Vilakku: Hanging Parrot Lamp (Kili Vilakku)
    Brass parrot lamps or kili vilakku is a special design of hanging lamps is used ...
  5. Traditional Brass Annam Kuthu Vilakku (Diya/Lamps)
    Annam Shape on top of the lamp is intricate work made of solid brass and the lam ...
    ₹2,850.00 - ₹8,950.00
  6. Karaikudi Vilakku: Traditional Brass Kuthu Vilakku
    Karaikudi lamps are traditionally used as table lamps mainly placed before the a ...
  7. Hand Crafted  Brass Floating Peepal Leaf shaped Diyas
    Hand Crafted by traditional artisans of Orissa, the Peepal Diya set is designed ...
    ₹600.00 - ₹1,100.00
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