Cutlery & Knives

Traditional authentic cutlery set is made of the finest neem wood from artisans based in West Bengal and Steel cutlery & Knives from Reha, Kutch region of Gujarat. Breathe in a bit of India and our rich traditions with every product at Zishta!

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  1. Reha Kitchen Knife with Lac-turned Wooden Handle
    Made of stainless steel, the famous Reha kitchen knives from Zishta make an exce ...
  2. Reha Spoon & Fork Cutlery Set
    A classy & elegant addition to your dining table, celebrate the overall expe ...
    ₹1,040.00 - ₹2,490.00
  3. Neem Wood Cutlery: Spoons and Forks Set
    Trendy, traditional and yet safe option for your dining needs are Zishta neem wo ...
    ₹390.00 - ₹1,050.00
  4. Reha Handcrafted Kitchen Chef Knife
    Chef knives are designed for daily multi-purpose use to mince, chop or slice veg ...
    Special Price ₹1,490.00 Regular Price ₹1,700.00
  5. Reha Handcrafted Kitchen Chopper Knife
    Chopper knives are designed for chopping all types of vegetables, meat and fruit ...
    Special Price ₹1,290.00 Regular Price ₹1,500.00
  6. Reha handcrafted chopper kinves
    Utility knives are multi-purpose and designed for daily use. The unique design i ...
    Special Price ₹990.00 Regular Price ₹1,190.00
  7. Reha handcrafted utility knives
    Set of three knives catering to all your chopping, cutting, slicing requirements ...
    Special Price ₹3,650.00 Regular Price ₹4,250.00
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