Key benefits of brassware

Key benefits of brassware

Cooking in Brass has been part of our culture since time immemorial. Any type of food can be cooked in brass, including citric food. Ensure tinning (kalai) is done on the inner layer. Brass storage containers also has been in used for many many years. Storing pulses, coffee powder to grains, in the traditionally made brass storage containers with tin coating is one of the most traditional ways to store our kitchen ingredients. 

What is Brass?

Brass is an alloy of Copper and Zinc. Brass has been in use for cooking for 1000s of years.

Note: Traditional knowledge dictates that brass has to be used only with a tin coating for our acidic form of cooking. 

Benefits of cooking food in brass as well as storing spices in it

Brass has several benefits:

  1. It is scientifically proven that Brass has antimicrobial properties.
  2. It preserves the anti-oxidants of the food cooked in them
  3. 93% of nutrients are retained in food cooked in brass.
  4. Brass is thermally conducive, results in even distribution of heat and even cooking.
  5. Brass retains heat and keep food warm for a couple of hours.
  6. Food cooked in a Brass cookware have a unique flavor and aroma.
  7. They are known to aid in better functioning of digestive & immune system, anti-inflammatory properties, strengthen bones etc.
  8. Brass also preserves rich anti-oxidant properties present in our spices and hence is ideal for storing spices and groceries.

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Clare Martin

Clare Martin

It’s great that you brought up how brass is known to have antimicrobial properties on top of how it preserves the antioxidants in food along with 93% of the nutrients when cooking. My brother runs a manufacturing company that sells kitchenware, and he is thinking of selling brass cookware products soon after learning about their benefits. I’ll keep this in mind while I look for a supplier in St. Paul to recommend to my brother for the brass metal supply he needs soon.

Radhika Peri

Radhika Peri

Hi. I ordered for a brass vessel and i have a small doubt that can I cook our South Indian dishes in that vessel. I ordered Vanna in small size. Can I make all curries with tamarind and can I make sambar, or biryani in that?

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