Optimising International Shipping

Optimising International Shipping

At Zishta we have ardent supporters from across the world and over the years we have built a strong customer base from over 26 countries. As we support them in their traditional journey, some of the concerns have always been related to how best we can optimise the shipping cost.

This is one pain point we continuously try to address so to make this process of acquiring these traditional gems easy and hassle free. Do note at Zishta, we have international shipping partnership with DHL and the cost associated with shipping is on actual cost of shipping the products. A brief explanation as to how we calculate the shipping cost is critical for everyone's understanding. 

Product Weight Vs Shipping Weight

We have carefully tried to provide all the product weights in the respective product pages to give an indication of the same from your use perspective. When it comes to shipping, the service providers take in to account either the product weight or the shipping weight which ever is higher. Shipping weight is the volumetric weight that a product occupies including the packaging. 

Some categories like Clay, Soapstone, Manipur black pottery pots have much lower product weights but they need to be sufficiently packed so they do not break during transit. This invariably increases the shipping weight and hence the cost of shipping. 

To better optimise shipping, we at Zishta based on our years of packaging experience, have figured to optimise the shipping by packing products together effectively without much damage than individually shipping. This way we try to minimise the cost of shipping for our customers. 

Zishta Packaging- International-1
                          Zishta Packaging
These Images are a representative of how we optimise the packaging to reduce customers spend on shipping. 
Predominantly, packaging done by us is shipped either in a 33 cm box, 45 cm box or a 65 cm box. Depending on number of products and level of packaging that is to be done, we determine the number of boxes needed. In our website we have updated shipping weights for products which should help automate this process there by the right number of boxes are identified for shipping purposes. The shipping weight of these boxes is around 5 Kg, 10 Kgs and 20 Kgs which are also the slabs we have in our shipping rates. 
Zishta Packaging
Though we take many precautions to make sure the cost are optimal without compromising on the safety of the products, here are few suggestions for you to take care of while placing an order at our website or any other website. 
Recommendations for International Buyers:
  • Multiple Products in Cart: Shipping cost is better optimised when you have more products in your cart. Shipping individual products invariably makes shipping cost equivalent to value of the product or more!
  • Reduce breakable Items: Clay, Soapstone , Manipur black pottery are breakable items and invariably increases the shipping cost. Better optimisation is possible if you reduce the number of breakable items. 
  • Mix of Products: A good mix of sizes and products with some high value ones helps in better optimisation of shipping. 
  • Include Accessories:  Kitchen or neem wood accessories, decors products have low weight and shipping weight and they can be incorporated in existing boxes without increase in shipping cost. This further assists in optimising your shipping charges. 
  • Check your Cart: Before placing the order, add products to cart and check your CART page. You can modify cart and check the estimated shipping cost. This will assist you to modify cart to better optimise your shipping. 

These recommendations from our end might surely assist many international buyers with the right information to acquire our precious traditions across the oceans. 

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Looking for some items which I added to the cart. But missing XL kadai which is out of stock . Pls can you find brass kadai so that I can keep order . How about shipping to Canada

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