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Zishta Neem Wood Kitchen Accessories

Zishta Neem Wood Kitchen Accessories

Congrats on your journey to bring traditional wisdom to your home. Zishta is glad to be a part of this journey and support you with authentic traditional knowledge gathered through our journeys, discussions with artisans, local communities and scientific information.

Zishta in collaboration with artisans of West Bengal bring to you most authentic and traditional neem wood kitchen accessories. These are made using the most traditional technique honed over centuries by our artisans.

How is the neem wood accessory made?

  • The artisans of West Bengal are known for generations in making the most exquisite products using neem wood. The process takes weeks of seasoning and natural treatment of the wood.  The process helps in strengthening, compacting the wood and prevents it from leeching the bitterness into the food.
  • Later the seasoned wood is cut to precise block from which different accessory products are hand carved by the artisans. Finally the hand crafted accessories are polished using mustard oil in varied level of coarse cotton clothes for 5 days to get the smooth finish.

What are the benefits of Neem wood accessories in kitchen?

  • The neem wood set is a great addition to your kitchen to provide a safe accessory to replace harmful plastics which can be ingested through your food prepared in them.
  • Neem wood has natural anti-bacterial properties. Neem based kitchen accessories are safe and simple solution to a sustainable household.
  • Plastic cutting boards are harmful as tiny plastic particles get added to your food.
  • Scientific research shows that bacteria or virus does not survive in neem wood for long.

How to clean and maintain Neem accessories?

  • Gently wash with any dish washing liquid of soap to clean it.
  • Do not use steel scrubbers as it will leave scratch marks.
  • Avoid soaking in water. Post washing, wipe it dry immediately and store them.
  • Once a week apply some cooking oil along the edges to protect them from cracking
  • Natural neem colour might leach and stain - so keep them hanging to drain off.

Some frequently asked questions:

Will the neem chopping board get scratch marks of the knives?

Yes they will get scratch marks of the knives. Though, in our years of usage, we have seen the difference is that the depth of the scratch marks are relatively lesser.

Will the food get any bitterness from neem?

There is no bitterness of neem because of the unique seasoning and treatment process followed by the artisans.

Will the chopping board get the green formations?

No, it will not because neem has natural anti-germ property.

Is neem safe for usage?

Yes, it is natural and safe for usage.

Is Neem wood chemically treated?

Natural Neem wood as its being used in the kitchen and coming in contact with food, they are not chemically treated (like they do for furniture). This results in wood being prone to cracking. Hence we recommend application of oil along the edges to protect them from cracking. 

Does Neem Wood Splinter?

Neem Wood does not splinter like other less compact wood. They can only crack due to extreme temperature variations

Does Neem Wood leach colour?

Sometimes depending on the location from where the wood is cut out, some colour leaching can happen. This is very natural and nothing to worry about. Please note that with wash and over use the colour leaching will go away. 


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