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Stone Cookware

We learnt from many grand mothers that the most sought after and frequently used stone cookware is the one made of soapstone, called Kal Chatti. Their memories of the most authentic tamarind based gravies and spinach are all made in this cookware. With this knowledge, we initiated our journey in search of the authentic artisans who made these cookware since time immemorial. Surprisingly, our journeys also got us in touch with the highly skilled artisans of Manipur who make these beautiful crafted stone cookware that is part of their rich traditions. We learnt from them how Black pottery, locally known as “Loree Hamlei” has lasted the test of time and have been an integral part of North East homes and traditions. Made by baking clay made of a mixture of two types of stone, this unique cookware is known for their rich iron content and ability to kill germs in the food cooked, faster than any conventional vessel. The aesthetic appeal cannot be missed either!

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  1. Kadai: Manipur Black Pottery
    Perfect iron rich, light weight kadai for your curries "Loree Hamlei" ...
    ₹2,650.00 - ₹3,650.00
  2. Zishta Manipur Black Pottery Kadai
    Baking cakes , bread etc with endless possibilities in the Manipur Black Pottery ...
  3. Wok Manipur Black Pottery
    Casserole design that works great in the oven for baking as well as in micro wav ...
  4. Zishta Manipur Black Pottery Kadai
    Wok style cookware for your stir fries and Asian Style cooking. A variation deve ...
  5. Zishta Manipur Black Pottery Kadai
    Open Kadai for daily cooking of curries - A perfect iron rich, light weight kada ...
    ₹2,650.00 - ₹2,850.00
  6. Combo Soapstone Kitchen Containers (Maakal) - Set of 2 (Medium or Small)
    Combo offer to help storing salt, tamarind, pickles or setting curd: Zishta maak ...
    ₹1,450.00 - ₹1,750.00
  7. Soapstone Kalchatti Kadai
    A variation of the Kal chatti desgin to cook your curries.  Vegetable curr ...
    ₹1,100.00 - ₹2,100.00
  8. Fry Pan: Manipur Black Pottery
    Saute Vegetables to cooking meat- this is a versatile addition to your modern ki ...
  9. Mesthin: Manipur Black Pottery Pot
    Stews to biriyanis are best made in these authentic black pottery mesthin pot. ...
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