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Zishta Bronze Cookware

Zishta Bronze Cookware

Congrats on your journey to imbibe traditional wisdom to your home. Zishta is glad to be a part of this journey and support you with authentic traditional knowledge gathered through our journeys, discussions with artisans, local communities and scientific information.

Zishta in collaboration with artisans of Tamilnadu and Kerala, bring to you most authentic and traditional Bronze vessels that are everlasting. These are made using the most traditional technique honed over centuries by our artisans.

What is Bronze?

Bronze is an alloy of Copper and Tin. Bronze in vedas is referred to as Suddha dhatu which is a pure clean metal. It has been in use for cooking for 1000s of years.

What are the benefits of cooking in bronze?

  1. Bronze has antimicrobial properties & it is scientifically proven that micro-organisms cannot survive in bronze.
  2. 97% of nutrients are retained in food cooked in bronze.
  3. They are known to aid in better functioning of digestive & immune system, anti-inflammatory properties, strengthen bones etc.
  4. It is a good conductor of heat & hence retains heat well. Food cooks evenly and much faster in it. They keep food warm for 2 hours.
  5. Bronze is believed to have the ability to attract & transmit waves of positive energy. Our ancient wisdom suggests that the sound of these traditional vessels has the capacity of changing the vibrations in a home.

What can be cooked in bronze?

Non-citric food

Bronze is one of the best cookware to make anything non citric. Traditionally is has been in use to boil milk, make rice, sweets, payasam, kheer, sweet pongal, upma, pongal etc in it.

Bronze does not need tinning or kalai in it and can be used for cooking directly. The reason is that tin is a metal used in the making of bronze.

Citric food

In order to use citric based food like tamarind, tinning or kalai on the inside is needed.

Should we season Bronze vessel before cooking?

Bronze vessel does not require any seasoning. But, always ensure that in any traditional vessel, only gravy based food is cooked for the initial 2-3 times. First few times, do not do tadka or fry in it.

How to clean and maintain bronze vessel?

Maintaining Bronze is as simple as any other vessel.

  • One can use any dish washing liquid of soap to clean it.
  • Do not use steel scrubbers as it will leave scratch marks.
  • Wash well with either tamarind or lemon to bring shine back.
  • Do not refrigerate the vessel.
  • It is not recommended to use dishwasher for cleaning.

Frequently asked questions

In Bronze, do we need to do kalai to make dishes like Sambhar?

YES. To make citric food in Bronze, we need kalai.

What needs to be done if we used citric based items to cook in Bronze?

Transfer the food into another vessel immediately after cooking.

Can we leave cooked food in Bronze?

Yes, Bronze keeps food warm as well!

Can we boil milk in Bronze?

Yes, Bronze is one of the best metals to boil milk. Do not refrigerate the vessel.

How often should we do tin coating & is it safe for daily cooking?

Ideally tin coating should last for 3-4 years depending on usage. Until then it is safe for daily cooking. Once Tin coating wears off, you can continue to cook non-citric food or do the re-tinning in a local shop.

What is the black coating at the outer bottom of the vessel?

Black coating is tar and is necessary to be done during casting process to get shape and hold the metal. It goes off with usage. Wash the vessel well and use it.

Once the Tin coating wears off we do we do re-tinning?

You need to do re-tinning for Bronze if you plan to cook citric food in it.

Does Zishta do tinning if the coating wears off?

At present, Zishta does tinning in Bangalore. Please check for shops locally near your place of living.

What is the difference between tin coated and non-tin coated Bronze?

Non-Tin coated Bronze is used for cooking non-citric food. Tin coated Bronze is used for cooking any food including citric and non-citric food.

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Gopal D Ghadi

Gopal D Ghadi

regarding bronz
can i use for Ghee base item
or can we eat same in bronz utensil



Hi, are the bronze cookware certified lead free?



zista products are remarkable i personaly like all yr products . i request u to open a shop at coimbatore becos its my hometown thank u zista also i thank chitramurali for introducing yr products

Dr.Ramashanker Singh

Dr.Ramashanker Singh

Mediua size bronze Kadahi



Is is tin coating pure or mixed with alloy of any other metal? (Ex : zinc, lead etc)
No where it has been mentioned
Can you please clarify me?
Thank you

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