Benefit of Neem: As told by many grandmothers

Benefit of Neem: As told by many grandmothers

Do you know why our grannies hung neem leaves at the front door? No auspicious function went past without neem boughs being brought into the house. Sometimes they even dried and powdered neem leaves for medical purposes. We’re here to break the age-old neem mystery-tradition for you. After you read this, you’ll run to the nearest neem tree and cut off as many boughs as you can. See if you don’t! 

Science and Tradition Neem trees process sunlight in the form of photosynthesis more than any other trees. Trees emit oxygen while photosynthesizing; so by tying up neem boughs at doorways and growing neem trees near homes, our ancestors ensured plenty of fresh oxygen. 

Ayurvedic Neem Magic! 

Neem Against Fungal Diseases Neem leaves contain anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial agents. Our grannies used neem poultices to treat athlete foot, ringworm, nail, hair and skin fungus, oral thrush, fungal infections of the lung, bronchi and mucous membranes. 

Neem Against Cardiac Diseases: Neem leaves are known to cleanse blood and dilate blood vessels; this improves circulation and decreases elevated heart rate and blood pressure, which aids cardiac health. 

Neem Against Diabetes: Chewing neem stimulates the pancreases, detoxifies the blood and helps reduce sugar levels. 

Neem Against Malaria: Neem contains gedunin which helps prevent and treat malaria when taken internally. Scattering crushed neem at home suppresses egg-laying in disease-causing mosquitoes. 

Neem Against Herpes: Neem poultice is toxic to cold herpes sores, and neem tea works on herpes internally. 

Neem Against Skin Ailments: Neem absorbs viruses and prevents further infections. Neem paste works on cold sores, warts, eczema, chicken and small pox, boils and inflammations. 

Neem Against Intestinal Issues: Drink neem tea regularly to kill intestinal parasites and restore healthy intestinal function. 

Neem Against Cancer: Neem bark leaves contain limonoids and Polysaccharides, which help reduce cancer and tumor cells. 

Neem Against Arthritis: Neem poultices can reduce pain and swelling in joints. Neem oil massage relieves muscle aches, joint paint, rheumatism, osteoarthritis and lower back pain. 

Neem Against Ageing: Neem leaf extract keeps your skin supple, moist and fresh. It can eradicate acne-caused scars and pigmentation, pimples and other skin infections. Use neem water as a toner for your skin, to keep it supple and young. Rinse your hair with neem water to treat dandruff and excessive hair fall. A face pack of neem leaves boiled with orange peel, yoghurt, honey and milk will clear acne, break outs, white heads and pores. 

Other Uses Of Neem

  • Used boiled neem water as an eyewash to cure conjunctivitis
  • Gargling with neem water provides immediate sore throat relief
  • Soaking feet in hot neem water provides instant relief from foot ache
  • Reduce frizz in your hair by applying neem leaves boiled in water
  • Heal burn injuries with neem paste; you can recover skin faster and protect the burn site from infection.

Why use Neem wood at home: There’s no doubt that Neem leaves are one of nature’s best medicinal gifts to mankind. Neem wood too makes for a great anti-bacterial element with amazing health benefits. We have been using Neem leaves since centuries in one way or the other, Zishta’s pure Neem wood handmade kitchen accessories adds to the goodness of your kitchen. While a pure neem wood chopping board allows you to cut raw vegetables on an anti-bacterial platform, the ladles and spoons offers health benefits in every bite. Neem is our healthy companion in every possible way, both through its leaves and its wood. So now you know why our grannies always kept neem leaves nearby! Indians have been using neem as medicine for several millennia, and the rest of the world has only recently woken up to its uses. If you have a bit of land, try and grow a neem tree. Your future generations will greatly benefit from it.

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