Kuthu Vilakku (Brass Lamps)

Our cultural roots run deep, intertwining us with our communities and forging powerful connections. Among the rich tapestry of customs that define us, the act of lighting an oil lamp holds a sacred place. Across our diverse nation, this tradition has endured, and in South India, the pure brass Kuthu Vilakku has shone its warm glow for millennia. The soft, comforting light that emanates from these timeless lamps creates an ambiance of unparalleled serenity-a magic that defies replication. This tradition transcends our homes and finds a sacred space in our religious rituals, guided by the meticulous principles of Agama Shastra. At Nachiar Kovil in Tamil Nadu, our traditional artisans have cherished these timeless values for generations, adhering to the sacred principles of designing these brass lamps. Now, it's your turn to invite the enchantment of these authentic Brass Kuthu Vilakku (Brass Diyas) into your home. Let tradition light up your life.


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Traditional Brass Annam Kuthu Vilakku (Diya-Lamps) Traditional Brass Annam Kuthu Vilakku (Diya-Lamps)
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Traditional Brass Kuthu Vilakku (lamp): Ega Vilakku Traditional Brass Kuthu Vilakku (lamp): Ega Vilakku
Sale priceRs. 4,990 INR Regular priceRs. 5,489 INR
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Sale priceRs. 3,950 INR Regular priceRs. 5,200 INR
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Sangu Chakram - Traditional Brass Kattai Vilakku Sangu Chakram - Traditional Brass Kattai Vilakku
Sale priceRs. 4,950 INR Regular priceRs. 5,445 INR
Save 9%
Traditional Brass Annam Kattai Vilakku Traditional Brass Annam Kattai Vilakku
Sale priceRs. 4,450 INR Regular priceRs. 4,895 INR
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