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Heritage craftsmanship

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Forged in Fire

Persevering the traditional way of making using high quality (thandavala irumbu) Iron & Cast Iron.

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Chiseled to Perfection!

Soapstone for cookware is unique to the Salem district of Tamil Nadu. Each cookware chiseled from a block of soapstone. Finely worked for hours to make one cooking pot.

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Crafted by Hand

Beautifully spaced hand beaten marks enhance the aesthetic appeal of our brass and copper range to your cooking & serving experience.

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Save 8%
Brass Cooking Pan /Jalebi Pan Brass Cooking Pan /Jalebi Pan
Sale priceRs. 4,350 INR Regular priceRs. 4,750 INR
On sale
Soapstone Kalchatti Kadai Soapstone Kalchatti Kadai
Sale priceFrom Rs. 1,210 INR
On sale
Brass Doodhwala Patila (Topia-Chatti-Bhagona-Pots) Brass Doodhwala Patila (Topia-Chatti-Bhagona-Pots)
Sale priceFrom Rs. 2,500 INR Regular priceRs. 3,135 INR
On sale
Eeya chombu (Tin vessel) - Vennathazhi Shape Eeya chombu (Tin vessel) - Vennathazhi Shape
Sale priceFrom Rs. 4,550 INR Regular priceRs. 6,300 INR


Craftsmen with rich heritage who are part of Zishta Family

We are humbled to be working with legacy clusters across 15 states in India

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Traditional wisdom documented and made available in one place!

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