Origin of Zishta

In the echoes of ancient Sanskrit, where every word carries the weight of tradition, Zishta finds its name—a poignant homage to the essence of our cultural heritage. Derived from the Sanskrit word Śiṣṭa (meaning people of higher learning & follower of Traditions), Zishta was conceived with a profound reverence for the time-honoured practices that have shaped our homes and lives.

The journey began with a deep-seated longing to revive the traditions that were once an integral part of our everyday lives. Inspired by the cherished memories of our grandmother's kitchen, where the spirit of  Śiṣṭa thrived, we embarked on a mission to reclaim the authenticity that seemed to be fading in the wake of modernity.

Zishta, with its roots firmly embedded in the Sanskrit ethos, is more than a brand—it's a celebration of the artistry, wisdom, and cultural richness encapsulated in our traditional way of life. We chose the name Zishta to signify a commitment to preserving and promoting the invaluable traditions that have been passed down through generations.

As we source products directly from artisan clusters, we not only honor the craftsmanship but also pay tribute to the Śiṣṭa that defines each piece. These are not merely utensils; they are vessels carrying the stories, rituals, and heritage of our ancestors.

In the spirit of preserving knowledge, Zishta becomes a bridge connecting the past to the present, inviting you to embrace the timeless beauty of traditions in your daily life. Our collection is a symphony of craftsmanship, a melody of stories woven into every thread of fabric, every curve of cookware.

So, as you welcome Zishta into your home, remember that you're not just acquiring products; you're inviting the spirit of Śiṣṭa—a living tradition that transcends time—to be a part of your family, your kitchen, and your cherished moments.

Zishta: Where Traditions Reside. 

Our Journey!

Kickstarting our Traditional Journey

Zishta Inc

Were the 1st Traditional brand with unique products on Amazon. Started operations from a car garage provided to us on rent by a family friend. The Journey started with us participating in many events locally in Bangalore

Our First Store

An experience space for Customers

From a car garage to a small self owned experience store, to welcome customers into the world of the traditions.

Brand Promotion in Millet Mela

Building Loyal customers

Every event we took part since inception, were overwhelming in terms of love and affection we got from our customers. "Wow... its so nice to see these products again!" .. was the regular expression from many customers!

Making Of Sengottai Iron Dosa Kallu 3-Zishta Traditional Cookware

New Clusters Addition

200+ Artisans across 7 States

With COVID closing most of the clusters across the country, we reached out to many and added more clusters and their creations to Zishta

Furthering Retail Experience

An wholesome Traditional Experience Store

Created a large format experience centre for all traditional products in JP Nagar

Exploring crafts of Meenakari & Nakashi

Expanding beyond Kitchen

Documenting Traditional Clusters in functional home decor space and bringing their craft to our customers.

Addition of Clusters from 3 More states

400+ Artisans across 10 States of India

With validation of traditional clusters in UP, Gujarat and Andhra, Zishta is one of the very few brands to work with clusters from North to South and East to West.

Expanding to Chennai

Expanding our Retail Footprint

Set up brand store @ T.Nagar, Chennai. Explored franchise model to being with, learnt our lessons and set up our own store in April 2022.


Traditional Artisans

Across 15 states are part of the Zishta Family as on Date


Traditional Designs Revived

working in collaboration with artisans and brought back to market


Growth in Revenue

YoY delivered for the artisan clusters working with Zishta

Zishta Philosophy

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Dignity to Craftsmanship

One of the biggest challenge was to inspire and motivate next generation to take up the craft. Our continuous work with many clusters have provided economic stability for next generation to pursue the craft with passion and dignity!

The Creators of Zishta

Meet the Founders

Meera Ramakrishnan

A trailblazer whose path led her through 22 dynamic years in the corporate world, occupying esteemed senior leadership roles within renowned MNCs. While her corporate journey endowed her with independence, resilience, audacity, and wisdom, it was the yearning for uncharted horizons that kindled a new flame within her. That yearning to create, to absorb, and to contribute beyond boardroom realms laid the groundwork for her voyage beyond the familiar corporate shores. The roots of her passion for reviving traditions trace back to a transformative trip with her parents to the villages near her birthplace. Amidst age-old stories shared by her 70-year-old father, a realization dawned: traditions are the very threads weaving the fabric of our culture. It was this poignant moment that ignited her mission, recognizing the value of these cherished customs in today's world. Meera embarked on this venture with like-minded people, determined to preserve the heritage that shapes us.

Varishta Sampath

Spirited sportswoman whose entrepreneurial aspirations found their canvas in the dynamic world of Zishta. Emerging as a fresh graduate at the age of 22, she possessed a resolute vision: to avoid the mundane and the ordinary, and instead, to infuse her days with purpose and excitement. As a result, she embarked on a journey that would redefine her path, one rooted in the essence of preserving traditions. While her peers treaded well-worn paths in the corporate realm, Varishta dared to diverge. Choosing the audacious route of an entrepreneur, she harnessed her deep-seated passion for upholding traditions. Fuelled by an unyielding commitment, she tirelessly nurtures a thriving network of artisans, empowering them to enhance their skills and capabilities. A force of nature, Varishta infuses Zishta with boundless energy and unwavering enthusiasm. From orchestrating operations to ensuring that only the finest products grace your home, she orchestrates the symphony of excellence that defines our brand.

Archish Mathe

Seasoned marketing professional who has worked with large multinational giants in key leadership positions. Yet, his heart beats not just for boardrooms, but for exploring untamed terrains and conquering peaks. It was during his journeys, ignited by a zeal for travel and hiking, that the spark of reviving traditions for a sustainable future ignited within him. Fuelled by a vision of creating an eco-conscious world for generations to come, Archish, alongside like-minded individuals, breathed life into Zishta. Archish's footprints often lead him to remote corners, where artisans reside, crafting their heritage with deft hands. His mission is to not just document their stories, but to etch them into the annals of history. With Archish at the helm, Zishta is more than a venture – it's a living repository of our roots and a gift to the generations that follow.

Zishta Family dedicated to reviving traditions!

Zishta News

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