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Iron man of Tenkasi

Iron man of Tenkasi

In April we visited this place to explore the traditional artisans who made the best cast iron cookware in the country. They were known for the quality of Iron being used and the craftsmanship. They were known to use the Railway grade iron, which is considered the best grade of cast iron. From a bustling centre with more than 30 workshops making Cast iron cookware and shipped across India, it has dwindled down to just two who are striving hard to keep the business going.

We visited them again in October to do a photoshoot and we got an opportunity to observe in close quarters, the manual labour that goes behind the making of every cookware product by these artisans. Sheer muscle power, effective coordination and precise movements are key ingredients in making a perfect cookware. The team starts work early in the morning at sunrise and continue to toil till noon. The foundry gets really hot for efficient work post noon. It is the rhythm that captures ones attention when you sit and observe as these artisans get on with their daily work. They showed us different products they make and how they go about making it in the workshop. It was a wonderful experience worth sharing with everyone. We are in the process of creating a photo gallery of the artisan work, that will go into our website. Hope to go live with it soon!
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