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Makers of Clay cookware

Makers of Clay cookware

These artisans follow the traditional technique honed over ten generations working on clay from the Cauvery river delta. These last generation artisans live as a community and work together to retain what is left of their tradition. The next generation is looking for better opportunities than take up this art-form and carry forward their legacy. The only mechanisation that has happened till date is the motorised rotation of the wheel. Everything they do is hand-made- from mixing the clay, creating the cookware including the traditional way of baking the clay under heaps of leaves and covered with clay. It was a wonderful experience spending the whole day with them, observing and learning every steps in the making of clay cookware. When we explore the depth of their artistic skills, we tend to appreciate the effort and value of their work. We will share more on this when we launch our website which is expected to be live soon!!
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