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Prakruthi: Scientific approach to sustainability

I was recently shifting houses from the congested Indiranagar locality to an other congested residential locality in JP nagar. A week of complete confusion and desperate activities followed: get the internet connection shifted, figure out the grocery shops near by, maid, paperwala and what not. In this mayhem I missed reading a mail i received from an office colleague introducing me to an other sustainable living enthusiast Mr. Ramkumar, living in Andhra Pradesh along the old Bangalore – Chennai highway. Surprisingly, in a day or two after my colleagues mail, Mr. Ramkumar called me and spoke to me at length. He works with a renewable energy company and he used his immense knowledge in building his new house Prakruthi in a sustainable manner. Water, energy and waste management coupled with implementing some traditional & innovative concepts had helped him in building an entire house which is self sustaining. He read my blog and was extremely interested in my ideas and has invited me to his place. Hope to travel soon to his place and learn from him. Do see some of the videos he has shared on youtube which could give you a basic understanding of the concepts he had implemented at his place.

has shared some videos on sustainable housing on a website called which needs registration for you to see those videos. I would recommend you learn from his youtube videos. Look forward to planning a trip to his place and share my learnings in this space.

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