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Zishta Reha Knives

Zishta Reha Knives

Reha Knives

Congrats on your journey to bring traditional wisdom to your home. Zishta is glad to be a part of this journey and support you with authentic traditional knowledge gathered through our journeys, discussions with artisans, local communities and scientific information.

Zishta in collaboration with artisans of Reha, Gujarat, bring to you most authentic and traditional Reha knives that are handmade and are of highest quality. These are made using the most traditional technique honed over centuries by our artisans.

History of Reha knives.

  • Reha is a village near Bhuj, Kutch, Gujarat. The village is known for its Blacksmith artisans. This craft of Lohar community is over 900 years old. It is also known as chari.
  • They have served many communities throughout centuries, crafting various kinds of cutting equipment. The craft is said to have started with making agrarian tools and equipment, serving the royal families and soldiers with swords, daggers and knives.
  • Reha is one of the last few villages left where knife is handmade. The process involves sand casting of the knife, forging & hammering and polishing & buffing to get the final finishing.
  • The cluster today has 22-25 families making knives.

High quality knives

SS202 Cutlery Grade Stainless steel with matt finish. This high quality steel possess good corrosion resistance, toughness, high harness, and strength.

BS2504 Grade Brass rivets, Seasoned Indian teak wood handles with wax polish

The knives and their utility

A chefs’ Knife is widely used knife, a perfect all-rounder for cooking enthusiast and beginners. It is used in performing various tasks such as Slicing, dicing and mincing Vegetables and meat. The ergonomic designed handle offers comfort and ease even on prolonged usage.

Chopper Knife here is inspired from Japanese Santuko Knife, also known as knife of three virtues, for its versatility in performing three major cutting tasks which are, mincing herbs and spices to finely chopping vegetables to dicing large chunks of meat and vegetables.

Utility Knife, also known as common kitchen knife allows one to perform precise and small cutting tasks.

Pairing knives are used for cutting and peeling small quantities of vegetables and fruits, garnishing and trimming. Its small size allows one to cut precisely.

Cleaver Knives are used in chopping large chunks of vegetables and meat. It has thicker blade and is designed to have rocking motion while cutting/mincing.

Usage Instructions:

  • Use chopping board for longer life of the knife.
  • Avoid using it on glass or ceramic top.
  • Keep it away from children.
  • Do not use your hand to test the hardness of the blade

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